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Multiple peers at same percentage.?


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Had a quick look through the forum to see if this question

had been answered, probably didn't type the right words

in the search.

Question is that sometimes when seeding a file uTorrent

is accepting connections from lots of peers who have the

same client, very similar IP's and they are all stuck at

say 2%. The percentage does not change for those peers

who are downloading the file.

There are maybe 30 or so peers all at the same percentage.

Can you explain this?




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... since when, Ctrl-P -> Advanced bt.send_have_to_seed is default ON. Unless you're using compact exchanges you have to find out somehow they're a seed?

A note about the hostile peers possibility. Current Azurues appears to be so if you see them anything less... that raises a flag. Additionally what DWKnight is saying is do the first 3 IP numbers match, like ... they can be added to http://utorrent.com/faq.php#What_is_ipfilter.dat.3F

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The first 3 numbers are different but all the rest are

the same apart from the next set which are the same

for about 20 or 30 or so peers:

xxx.89.172.72.in-addr.arpa (20 of those)

xxx.90.172.72.in-addr.arpa (20 of those)

xxx.91.172.72.in-addr.arpa (etc...)

All the connections are Azureus


Dont know if this is usual or not but

only about 1 in 10 peers has a port

number listed next to their IP.

Have stopped the upload for now.


Just Checked my AC/DC torrent and the same is happening

for that except all the IP addresses are the same apart from

the last 3 numbers. The client is Azureus again but

version and the percentages vary from 0% up to

the 90's.

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;) It's all about knowledge and knowing is half the battle G.I. Joe.

Another thing... you will now notice that legitimate peers would increase % faster because you're not wasting slots connecting to the useless peers. Tell everyone you know to keep a look out for useless peers and ipfilter them (that is if their client supports such a feature).

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