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Fluctuation in 1.3.1 beta


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Speeds tend to fluctuate alot. Like I was downloading 3 torrents and seeding 1. Speeds for the 3 downloading torrent fluctuated from 50 to 500 regularly. It will go up then come down.

I switched off the 1 upload. And then they were ok for awhile but then back to fluctuating

Went back to stable 1.3 and its working fine with the same 3 downloading torrents and 1 uploading.

Just thought I wd let u guys know.

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I use the global setting. And I set it to 10 which is abt right for a connection like mine using azureus wiki.

Im using the settings u recommended in some thread. Definately the one on global connections and max connections per torrent.

And im using the same settings with 1.3 , why shd it make a difference in 1.3.1?

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