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Installing Teredo...


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Hey guys,

I clicked on the install IPv6/Teredo button in 1.8 Beta

The hour glass came up.. disappeared.. and nothing really happened but I assumed it had installed. I clicked 'ok' and it told me I needed to restart utorrent before any changes took place, cool. Restarted. I even restarted my computer too.

The problem is when I go into the preferences, the install IPv6/Teredo button is available again. How do I know if I've actually installed it? So far I haven't notice any increase in activity/speed.. but its hard to say because I'm only seeding some pretty inactive torrents.

I'm using XP SP2.


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Thing is, post... 2K I think it was, unless you specify /k on cmd/command it doesn't stay open by default. Soooo, it may have just flashed too fast ;)

As far as activity... teredo doesn't affect that. What it does (theoretically allow) is to get past NAT/ISP interference due to using IPv6 addresses. And it allows you to connect with other compatible clients via IPv6. According to http://www.sixxs.net IPv6 is available in many clients, but only a small fraction of users utilize it.

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> How do I know if I've actually installed it?

The correct behavior for the program should be once you click on "Install IPv6/Teredo", it might take many seconds, but eventually go from a clickable black black to a greyed out box. That's how µTorrent 1.8 behaves for me in Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The button being available again is odd and I could see how that might imply IPv6 was not installed.

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