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Help me! Torrent won't go higher then 12kb/sec!


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Hello everybody.

As first i need to say, that i am a proud user of uTorrent and i have been using it like one and half years from now. I never had any problems with it, my connection is very fast.

2 days ago i was reinstalling my whole system (windows), so i had to install everything once again. I installed uTorrent, and yesterday i noticed, that it is downloading each file not higher then 12kb/s . I found its a bug, and need to be fixed. I always had my speed on 300-500 kb/s and now it can't reach higher then 12kb/sec . This is a little proof:



From 2 days its 11.9 kb/s and its not getting higher.

Please help me, i know you can :-).

Greetings, agnitum.

PS : And my upload speed is 400 kb /sec

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First of all, off the back, 2 out of your 3 downloads, have more peers than there are seeds, of course your gonna get a very low download speed. There isn't much you can do about that..

You will not get a greater download, unless those seeds that are not available, come back on line, to continue seeding with the rest, in the swarm..

You also may want to take a look at your firewall, and make sure µ-torrent is "allowed" to send and receive data... That would make a huge difference.

Lastly, if your not using a router, your ISP could be trotting your dl/ul...

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I just recently updated utorrent to the new version, and i have this same problem, BUT i figured mine out after reading this. Im sometimes downloading 20-30 downloads at a time, so i have to cap the download its usually to about 2-5kbs each upload, reason being, is my house runs 3 VoIP phones, which if in use are bandwidth hogs, and if i dont have the upload caped then the phones are basically useless because my downloads are taking all my upload speed which varies between 70-200kbs depending on the time of day but it usually stays between 70-80, i only get 90+ in the middle of the night. Back to my answer to the problem is under "Options/Preferences" and click on bandwidth and set a global upload rate, i set mine to 20, and that fixed my problem, OR you can cap each downloads upload rate to 5kbs and that would fix your problem, but in my case that would just make it worse if i have 25 downloads going taking 125kbs of my upload which would render my phones useless as well.

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You should be setting global upload speed max instead of trying to set lots of individual torrents upload max.

And your connection really isn't rated for running that many ACTIVE torrents at once. (active = actually downloading and uploading, as opposed to no peers/seeds or only idle peers/seeds.)

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Hi Guys,

I registered an account just so I could reply in this topic :)

I was having the EXACT same problem as the topic starter, my download speed would not go any higher than 12kB/s on the dot, but after looking through the forums and reading everything, it was finally one of Ultima's guides that solved my problem.

It was the version! For some strange reason with version 1.8 Stable it just was not going above 12kB/s, I updated to 1.8.1 Beta and it solved the problem immediately, I'm not sure why, but it did. I now get full speed :D

Just to make absolutely sure that updating to the Beta version didn't change any of my settings which I may have missed, I took note of all the advanced settings and all my custom settings and none of them were changed in the update... All I can think is that the version must have issues with certain hardware? But my guess is as good as yours.

Just in case anyone is interested I use Windows XP Pro SP 3 and the port I use is 55655. Feel free to ask me for any other information.


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Dax Wrote:

"Hi Guys,

I registered an account just so I could reply in this topic...

...and I just registered an account so I could do exactly the same and echo Dax's post.

I was having the same problem as the op. I've just installed 1.8.1 and it worked !

Thanks Dax and to everyone else who replied on this topic.

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I had the exact problem agnitum have.

And as Dax said it is the version. Some thing with the µtorrent 1.8 cause this problem.

I used 1.8 as soon as it came, but had to roll back to v1.7.7 because nothing will solve this problem.

Changing the upload limit of both the program and individual torrents doesn't help, nor does anything else.

Just trust me on this.I have tried everything.:(

You just have to use a different version. If you do not like to use beta versions roll back to v1.7.7(as I did) or use

v1.8.1 beta version. :)

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