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µTorrent MiniUI


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Excellent work!

Tried it on my X1 with opera 9.5 and explorer and both worked like a charm.

I also have 2 things i wan't you to add to your "to do list"

1. In "add torrent" page, can we add torrent to other directiories than the standard one? or just subfolder to it?

Edit1:Found this post:Trac ticket 2

2. Can we sort torrents to the date they were added?

Anyhow great work!


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I downloaded the webui.zip, renamed it accordingly and replaced my old webui.zip

I enabled the webui in uTorrent and choose a custom listening port.

I then went to http://[MyIP]:[custom port]/gui/ but the page could not be found. I have tried this from both my G1 and from the laptop itself. I am pretty sure I followed the steps throughout, but haven't done any forwarding of ports (I don't know if it is necessary, nor do I know how to do it).

Any help?

Also: I ofcourse want to use a username and password, how do I implement this in the adress?

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That'd probably be Blackberry or service carrier issue. I'm not too familiar with the problem, but if you can't figure it out, then perhaps you can try another browser, like Opera Mini (which runs fine on Blackberry anyway).

To be sure, you can access your WebUI from other computers outside of your network, right? Port forwarded and all?

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The WebUI API hasn't changed in the least as of late because WebUI isn't currently the focus of development. I'll try to find a time to bug the devs about WebUI, but it won't be any time soon -- at least not until uTP development stabilizes. And ticket #2 likely won't be going anywhere without more discussion and fleshing out of details regarding possible solutions/workarounds to the security implications associated with custom paths from remote locations.

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