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Connection count ~300 with no torrents running.


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I have no torrents running (literally empty) in uTorrent 1.8.1, but DHT is active at 310 nodes. Statistics shows 0 connections and 0 half-open, so why does my DD-WRT LAN Status page show 200-300 connections when uTorrent is open and DHT isn't updating (when it is updating connections spike to 500-600)? I can understand having connections open when DHT is logging in or updating but I don't think this many should remain open when nothing is happening. Also, if these connections are open shouldn't uTorrent be reporting them on the Stats page?

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Okay, I've posed the question over at the DD-WRT Forums. We'll see what they say.

Edit: *UPDATE*

UDP & TCP both have to be translated to pass to the internet from the local LAN. A connection is defined as such an translation. A translation is considered active until closed by either peer or the TCP/UDP specific timeout is up.

So if uTorrent opens 100 connections which are unanswered (remote peer ignores requests - common for custom clients), then idles,you will see those connections until the UDP timeout is up.

The active port count is not an issue on 16MB routers, but might cause issues for smaller routers like the ones with only 8MB RAM. Workaround in that particular case is to limit to a max of 512 active connections and set the timeouts to 90-300s for TCP and 90s for UDP.

It is extremely difficult to track truly active connection count, in case you were trying to use it to gauge activity. For that, you can use SNMP either via SRTG or MRTG to monitor traffic on each interface.

Well there we go then, I'll try lowering the timeout limit on UDP and see if it shows something more reasonable for an idle uTorrent.

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