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Please help me with this...


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Well am downloading a 6.32 GB File , now 100% completed but on status its showing SEEDING...

Whats that?

This is the information

FILE : 6.32 GB

Time Elapsed 4d 15h

Downloaded 6.43 GB

Download Speed : 0.1kb (avg. 17)

Remaining : 1w 2d

Uploaded : 2.48GB

Upload speed : 10.5Kb (avg. 6.5K/b)

Wasted : 148MB ( 12 hashfails)

Seeds : 0 out of 203 connected

Peers : 60 out of 2500

So why its seeding? when it will complete? please help me...

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Seeding means that you finished to leech the torrent ( = dwl it) and now you are a seed of all peers: you are uploading data (2.48GB at the moment).

With a speed of 6.5K/b, you need to seed still 1 week to reach the ratio DL/UL (surely 1.5 by default).

that's the concept of bitto protocol ! :)

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