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Download Bar option like azureus


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This should be voted, cause I for one would love to have it. It's pretty much the only feature I miss about Azureus. And plus what is this feature going to hurt an extra 100kbs? Come on we are downloading torrent's +1.0MB daily, I can spare an extra 100kbs. Also don't give me that "Yes, but if we allow this one we will have to allow more feature's which would bloat the size of µTorrent just to make a couple of user's happy and the rest not use it". Well if that's the case, I don't use the whole move finished download's to "C:\blah\blah\blah" does that mean it shouldn't have even been added? You have even proven the fact that it has been requested before and you know it will continue to be requested throughout the year's, so myswell just add it already and make more user's even happier.

ludde doesn't add features just because a lot of people request them. He adds based on actual utility and/or simplicity of coding relative to that utility -- or at least that's been the trend I've seen.

True but this feature is very useful for those who like to browse and watch our download/upload speed's at the same time without having to open the µTorrent window just to see a little bar be displayed. Also speaking of simplicity of coding this will be close to a 4 line add in, I have some experience in programming and already see it in my head.

Sorry reposting my point's because the topic I was in was closed without warning.

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