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it seems like utorrent is already running, but not responding


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This is an error I get once in a while. It seems that utorrent isn't shutting down propperly. When I call up task manager I find 2 instances of utorrent running. One using about 30MB of memory, the second about 2. When I end the task using 30MB utorrent automaticly starts and all is well.

This is just a bit anoying.

Oh btw, I use Visat 64 Ultimate and uTorrent 1.8.1 Beta

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Anyone able to help me with this, please?

Since I already have a thread going I might as well add another problem:

uTorrent seems to eat my memory. According to System Monitor (built in Vista feature) noraml RAM usage on my PC is around 35% of it. I have 4GB in total. When running uTorrent my usage is around 75-95% usage. I don't have nforce or nvidia software or hardware installed.

Any thoughts on that as well, please?

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