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Moving from Vuze to Utorrent


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I have installed uTorrent.

I have torrents made and completed content that I want to move to


So far I have been able to install one torrent. But it is downloading from scratch via trackers rather than just finding my completed original content.

What is the path to the content and how do I set up the transfer of

things from one torrent program to uTorrent?

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Well, I thought I was doing it right.

help does not appear to open anything.

From the program the first step I did was Select Add A Torrent.

My original torrent folder opens or I navigate to it in the usual Windows manner. I am using XP.

I select the Torrent file, not the content file.

The torrent file loads into uTorrent.

So far so good. These test torrents are ones I have made and I

seed the content to one of the major trackers.

If the torrent file is selected and installed into uTorrent from the

source folder-- the one that has all the torrent files and all the content-- then it should see the completed content file and begin seeding, n'cest pas?

It did not go 'checking'. If it did, I suppose it would see the content and fill up to 100%

That's where I am. If I seem hasty, I make every effort to keep all my stuff going.

I guess I will have to use the other program until I know how to do this better.

Like Dirty Harry says, "A man has to know his limitations."

But this should be load and go because I have the content and the

torrents. Torrent files are not program specific.

Can you go through this step by step, even though you don't want to?

The other thing I tried was to drag and drop the content folder into Utorrent and I did not succeed. That is usually where the 'checking to

100%' procedure would happen. I also tried putting the completed content file (the 'whole one') into the downloads folder that Utorrent makes. The checking procedure did not kick in there either.

So I repeat my request for a step by step explanation.

Use Myfile for the content and Mytorrent for the torrent file.

Or link to a page that has this kind of step by step.

I'm going to go fire up Vuze, but I really want to get rid of it.

I selected utorrent because I see quite a few on my peers usage.

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You don't need to have A-level grade to migrate torrents from Azureus to uTorrent...

Install uTorrent. Retrieve all the .torrent files (on your HD or from tracker websites).

If your (un)complete data (files & (sub)folders from torrents) are in the same general folder (eg /Downloads), use the auto reload procedure.

If your data are in different folders or devices, reload each torrent manually and set the right folder when you see the Dialog box.

Wait the recheck is finished and restart the torrents to seed again or continue downloading. That's all. :D

Off course for multi-file torrents, if you previously downloaded a part, the recheck will discard uncomplete pieces and you need to redwl again the misisng pieces (normal behavior).

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It's out of control with commercialism.

I'm still seeing terms in your responses that are hard to locate.


If there is whole folder used in Vuze with all the stuff in it:

how can that be directed to uTorrent?

Then Utorrent sees all the stuff and it runs.

Where is the auto reload procedure and how do you run it?

This is just a migration from one program to another. We are talking about all complete data files-- files I have made made torrents for.

I did not see anything in setup that offered to seek files other than the downloads directory which your program makes.

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