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What is this all about?


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I'm new to all of this, but saw the following messages on another site, and wondered whether it indicates a problem of some kind with utorrent. Each paragraph was a separate message from the same guy.

"seeding two files both of which have utorrent (don't know

how to type the special u symbol) amongst the clients

listed in azureus. azureus is showing no figures from any

of them. exactly the same as it does with bit comet. so is

utorrent as good as people say? if azureus says i'm not

getting anything back from these utorrent people, should i

just kick them off?"

"by "getting back" i mean what azereus tells me they are

contributing to the stream. the five utorrent users all

register as zip. of 118 people connected almost 90 are

using bit comet or bit lord. to be on the safe side i've

blocked utorrent too. only azureus and mainline until i get

an explanation why none of the utorrent users register as

contributing anything. one or two might have slow

connections but all five?"

"it isn't just the up ratio. i get zeros across the board. i

get a utorrent client. i see how much i'm giving to them

then i see a bank of zeros against up, overall, from, up,

down, stat up."

"if i do ban 'em they still get to leech the file off

others. i pruned it down to just five azureus and one

mainline user and the seeding flew along with very little

overhead. about 6%. great for me since i have to watch my

usage share. but like you say, it's my choice just as it's

other people's choice to use bitcomet or bitlord or

whatever. if utorrent doesn't report anything but a whole

bank of zeros, i don't trust it. so it's gone."

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LOL actually the clue was this:

Each paragraph was a separate message from the same guy.

HE may have had some issues but µT dosent, unless those were some old posts.

eboris I can safely tell you, as about 15% or so (rough guess) of all bt users can tell you there are no current 'problems' with µT, it runs just fine, and there are features being added all the time, RSS is what is being smoothed out ATM. But even without all the bells and whistles µTorrent more than holds its own. no problems.

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I'm just glad that the stuffer plug-in isn't on the main site for Azureus. I use it to ban all BitComet incarnations and all old versions of BitComet. I allow 0.61 just because I sometimes use it myself.

I whish people would take the time to learn about a client's behavior and options before saying/doing something that will 9.8 times out of 10 turn out to be stupid. For the most part I don't even bother with forums anymore just because there are too many 13 year old trolls out there.

The movie "Jay and Silent Bob strike Back," one of my favorite parts is when they use their movie money to track down all the people who bad mouthed them on the one forum and beat them up in RL.

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