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Defragmenting tools


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I don't know which tool to take and I thought you could give some recommendations... So write down what u use, testimonials, special features that prog use, etc.

Umm, does there exist progs that monitor which files were loaded and in which order when starting up windows, and then defrag on that basis?


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Both Diskeeper and PerfectDisk have trial versions anyway. Boot-time defrag eventually sold me on Diskeeper, and I think Diskeeper was a bit lighter than PD, but then maybe I just had some money when I tried Diskeeper and that may have been the true factor..., but go ahead and try both. Besides, as a BTer, if you really don't want to pay for it... :D

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Are any of those boot-up disj defrag programs?

diskeeper is the answer

on the other hand,if you really want to get a functional defragment tool,diskeeper is the one.

if you use your hdd in NTFS stream you should configure your mft size (frag shiled) to get optimum performance,diskeeper is doing this.

when you install diskeeper,diskeeper is goint to integrate orginal windows defragment and when you call for windows defragment,diskeeper will work instead of it.

Also diskeeper has a service and feeding 10-15 mb ram each time you run OS,if you want to make it manual not automatic,you should go to start-run-servcices.msc and find the diskeeper service and you should configure it.

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dAbReAkA i have just unistalled diskeeper to try

and everything is normal (of course NTFS)

have you ever configure your mft size?

i think you have installed so much apps and your mft has become full

if your mft is full,you cant defragment your NTFS drives by using windows defragmenter

it always gives error

in diskeeper you can find configure mft size option (in frag shield)

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i have never touched the MFT size or anything.. i have just defragmented.. now when i press Analyze from the windows defragmenter (or defragment..) it doesn't react.. it looks like i haven't pressed that.. i'll install diskeeper and will check the mft.. how should i configure it for optimum performance?

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ok first of all

i want to infrom you and our members about MFT.

Each file on an NTFS volume is represented by a record in a special file called the master file table (MFT)(more infromation visit http://www.ntfs.com/ntfs-mft.htm)

there is no special thing that i know to get best performance from diskeeper

but if you dont configure your mft size

you cant run diskeeper either in future

to configure MFT

configure diskeeper--->diskeeper configuration properties--->frag shiled (paging file and mft)--->edit

now you ll see a screen that inform you about your paging file and MFT

if your mft is full then diskeeper ll ask you to configure MFT for drive

you can choose MFT's number of file or diskeeper can do it for you

that is it

after unisntall diskeeper and you can use windows def. safely and no error

as i said before there is no special thing to get best performance

just defrag it : )

on the other hand if you want to get maximum performance from diskeeper i think you should make a schedule.

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