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Slow internett when utorrent runs.


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Hey, i just changed internett provider so i now have "fibernett". Not sure if thats the correct name for it in english.

Anyway, when i run a speedtest at speedtest.net i have 14 000 kbps. (Those "bits" that is).

When i download something from a normal internett page i get up to 1mb/s.

But then when i open uTorrent the entire internett connection goes south.

uTorrent downloads with 20 kb/s max. And at speedtest.net i get 300kbps.

Internett pages loads slow, upload and download in utorrent never goes obove 40 kb/s.

(I'm downloading popular torrents with lots of seeders 20 000+.)

Upload speed on speedtests when uTorrent is NOT active is around 7 000kbps btw.

I always keep the "speed" tab in uTorrent open, and have it refresh every 5 sec so i always see up/downspeed.

I have followed guides at http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=52014

and still cant find the problem.

I cannot find the data here; http://www.utorrent.com/faq.php#Where_are_the_settings_and_.torrent_files_stored.3F

The connection light is sometimes green and sometimes yellow, it jumps back and forth.

According to Glasnost my connection ISNT throttled.

I use northon 360, with uTorrent added as exeption to the firewall, my windows firewall is disabled but i still have added uTorrent as exeption to the firewall there too.

peer.lazy_bitfield is set to true.

I use uTorrent 1.8.2.


I'm connected wireless to a router, I do not have access to the router, my internett provider requires me to logg inn on their homepage to make changes on the router.

(Which pisses me off, I've heard from friends that they arent allowed to do that, but what can i do...) .

On their homepage i've entered "portforwarding" .

It sais this;

Name; Type; External ports; internal ports; internal ip;


Added the port from Options -> Prefrences -> Connection in all the port fields.

Ran Cmd and entered ipconfig and entered the iPv4 adress in the internall adress field.

Underneath this, there is an option to create a DMZ-host.

I have NOT added anythign in this field, so i would assume that it is disabled, though there is no option to either enable or disable it.

So at the moment i am completely clueless as to what the problem is.

I am able to download things, but the speed is terrible.

If you need any further information that i may have forgotten just ask :) .


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uTorrent is configured based on a connection's max upload speed, which is often tiny compared to max download speed.

Disable Resolve IPs, Find Local Peers, DHT and UPnP.

Resolve IPs can be enabled/disabled by RIGHT-clicking your mouse in the PEERS window of an active torrent.

I wouldn't expect Norton 360 and Vista together to cause anything but problems.

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The problem has been there since before i installed norton 360.

I have disabled everything but nothing has helped.

Atm i'm downloading torrents with availability around 40.0, and around 15 000 seeders and leechers.

They still only download at max 20kb/s .

An important note is that my internett in general goes slow when utorrent is opened.

I needed to close utorrent to get to this page and make a post.


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uTorrent is configured based on a connection's max upload speed, which is often tiny compared to max download speed.

Disable Resolve IPs, Find Local Peers, DHT and UPnP.

Resolve IPs can be enabled/disabled by RIGHT-clicking your mouse in the PEERS window of an active torrent.

You've probably set your connection limits wrong too.

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And the thing is when i download new torrents the old ones get high speed too..

You can use the torrent Size for comparison;



See how in the second picture the file on 701mb is downloading with a nice speed, but in the first it barely downloads?.

Instantly when i added this weeks new torrents, all the torrents i was already downloading also started downloading fast. Its as if total download limit doesnt exceed 250kb/s then download limit crashes to 20kb/s max.. And if its over then every torrent can download as fast as they please...

PLEASE help me figure this out!

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From the first picture, I'd say you have really bad settings, downloading 10 torrents seeding who knows how many. From the second, I'm guessing you have 10Mbit/1Mbit ? That's about 40 upload slots comfortably. Not all torrents download so well. If you need to identify speeds needed, use http://distribution.openoffice.org/p2p/ or http://slackware.com/torrents/

Sometimes your speeds get shaped based upon peer density/location or time. You'd need to double check.

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Thanks for your help, the download is going very slow and i'll post again when i have downloaded and tryed it.

Anyway this is a screenshot from after all the new torrents was downloaded;


As you can see speeds are back to really slow.

But the 800mb torrent is finished, 701mb torrent is finished and the 1,36 gb torrent has come far.

All the other torrents have gone up quite a bit too.

Any new ideas?

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Your screenshots are painfully hard to read...can you use PNG instead?

I'm not seeing enough info about your settings...and don't know if you've changed any advanced settings that might screw over uTorrent from time to time.

Have you disabled Teredo/IPv6 and uTP connections?

Lowered bt.connect_speed to only 1-4 new connection attempts per second?

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:/ I'm really hoping it's that and not what I surmise to be some sort of hardware shaping going on. The systems available for ISPs allow modes whereby bandwidth is shaped for a certain length of time for usage (how much data transfers up / down) or based upon patterns (hence the reason many people use Forced encryption without legacy --unencrypted connections).

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Yeah i'm not really good with editing setings and prefrences things so i generally leave them alone, but to make sure that they are correct ; where do i find the , Teredo/IPv6 and uTP connections, so i can disable them.

I managed to find the bt.connect_speed in the advanced tab and lowered it to 4.

And how do i make sure that is ISNT hardware shaping?

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You can't verify it's hardware shaping except by asking your ISP. There's no easy way to ask, so check their site. Common terms used are "network management", but if you sound like you know what you're talking about and say "I use your line to download data during the hours of 6-10pm and notice I'm not getting much higher than .5 Mbit when there are other times I can get your full 8 Mbit (whatever your line's max throughput is).

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Called my internet provider once before and they arent friendly. They dont have a costumer support line, only a line to call if there is something wrong with the merchandise and if thats the case they can take a look at it for a fee.

Considering all torrents download faster when the new fresh torrents are added i dont think it has anything to do with how much the clock is. Thanks though. :)

bt.transp_disposition is set to 0 . In the logger it is noted that "IPv6 is installed" .

I'm currently useing utorrent 1.8.1. I found i got higher download speed with that version. Wether that is coincidence or if i actually do i'm not sure.

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