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what is teredo?

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Didn't see an answer for this, sorry if it's around here somewhere. Upgraded from xp to the 7 beta. Never used vista, so I when configured the router for a static IP for utorrent I noticed a new protocol: Teredo - UDP Any, then it gives the port number.

After I did the port forward, the router list has teredo and the utorrent setting. The port numbers are different but they share the same static IP. Do they interfere with each other? Had some slow downloads so I deleted the teredo setting in the router to see if that helped anything. But it won't delete, keeps coming back.

TCP/IvP6 and TCP/IvP4 are both checked in my network settings. XP had just plain TCP/IP - so do 4 and 6 both need to be checked for utorrent? If 6 is checked, is that why Teredo shows up on my router list?

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Teredo uses UPnP to reserve a port, that's why you noticed many ports reserverd to Teredo in your router.

I'm using Teredo but I fixed a dedicated port, you can do that.

Run cmd as admin (right click > execute as admin).

Then type netsh > interface > teredo.

Type show state to display infos about Teredo.

To change the port type set state clientport=XXXXX.

To revert back client port to default, type set state clientport=0

Internet Protocol Version 6, Teredo, and Related Technologies in Windows Vista


Netsh commands for Interface Teredo


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It's best to specify a non-Microsoft server for Teredo. Also, Teredo is only for making IPv6 connections, it wont act as a proxy for all data, just IPv6 connections made with it.

Have you been able to test Teredo locally with vmware/ubuntu? I installed miredo-server in ubuntu 9.10 on and specified "set teredo client ServerName= ClientPort=3544" in netsh but 'show teredo' says 'incorrect server address'.

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The miredo-server is running in a vmware instance? On the same compy as the windows one? First make sure the Ubuntu server is receiving any data/requests. If miredo has logs, check them, as well as the configuration and guides for it. Also the full output of netsh showing Teredo. It sounds like it can't contact your server.

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