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Unknown ISP issue


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I have been using Utorrent for some years on my internet at home with almost no issues. I recently purchased an AT&T laptop connect card as I travel alot in my line of work. I have downloaded torrents thru that device with no problems. I have also downloaded torrents at countless hotels without issue.

However, at my current location I have been unable to download torrents. when attempting to download I can see that DHT, Local Peer Discovery, and Peer exchange are all "not allowed" the connection itself is being "closed by the peer" and the 45 minute timer starts up.I have NO control over the router, modem, or any other device not directly attached to my PC.

I would like to know if there is any settings configuration or trick that will subvert the ISP. I've attempted to disable or enable various features both indiviually and in sequence, I've tried multiple ports including those from online games that I have played over the same ISP.

Just to backtest myself I linked up to my ATT card and it was able to connect and download with most of the settings I attempted to use on the other ISP.

While I can download on the AT&T card it has a 5Gb limit while the ISP has no limit and no attached fees..... I would much rather make use of that connection and reserve my comparatively low latency card for my game play and email.

Any suggestions or do I need to go thru all my settings and start posting them?

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