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Column for Bandwidth Allocation!


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This should be astonishingly easy to implement. You already have the ability to set a torrent's Bandwidth Allocation to Low, Medium, or High. Could we please have an available column to SHOW (and change) this setting without having to right-click each torrent and check the settings individually? PLEASE? :)

Thanks for an amazing program...

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I've found that number of upload slots also decides how much upload bandwidth a torrent gets.

A torrent could be set to LOW but still get considerable amounts of upload bandwidth if it allows more upload slots than another torrent.

Probably should be a column for upload slots (plus USED upload slots) as well...

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This is an obvious oversight.

Every setting of the torrent should have a column. The columns are all optional, so it doesn't affect people who don't use the feature.

The only possible reason for being "against" this is those people who are desperate for some other feature and then vote against all the other ones (which happens A LOT).

The Bandwidth Allocation should also be added to the "Add Torrent Dialog", but that is more work and less obvious than just having a column.

BTW, this feature also affects Download Bandwidth, and is the main reason I switched to utorrent initially.

I always seem to have one torrent that I really care about, and want to use as soon as it is done - BUT it is only using a fraction of my bandwidth, so I add another torrent, which often is a popular one with many seeds that then takes over the bandwidth. This means that the one I care about gets delayed even more ! So, instead, the Bandwidth Allocation solves this problem by letting me set the important one to HIGH, and the others to LOW.

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I requested this some time ago. Normally that would be the end of that (the devs will do whatever they think is best, and that's fine by me considering what a fantastic client they have come up with thus far) but I can't help chiming in again here since there seems to be more popular support for the idea now. :D

I'd also like to see the seeding priority options tied directly to bandwidth allocation (meeting my desired ratio sets the torrent to low Bandwidth Allocation rather than a specific numeric cap) but that's a whole different issue.

edit: dumb typo

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since we are reviving an old discussion once again...

as an additional option I would like to be able to color code torrents by bandwidth allocation.

e.g. high bandwidth - colored green

Normal bandwidth - colored orange

Low bandwidth - colored red

if possible, only the "status" column will get colored.

before everyone jump on me saying they hate colors -

1. I would suggest this as just an option (that is, with ability to enable/disable it).

2. I'd like this option because it will eliminate the need for an extra column, while still presenting the same information. less clutter.

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I think that many people might find this feature useful, and in that case maybe it could be considered something other then "garbage".

Personally, I don't use the RSS feature that is much more complex then this little feature, but if many people find it useful (and apparently they do), I don't think it's garbage or feature creep. It's just something that makes people's lives easier.

I do hope that this feature will get the same attitude if people like it..

Edit: I wrote this before I saw your edited post. :)

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Even if it doesn't increase resource use, I don't like the addition of garbage (feature creep) into the client. :D I was only speaking of one type of bloat, but feature creep is annoying no matter what.

For this particular request, it's not such a bad idea.

ammm i meant bloated like in having too many options, not in like adding much more code or much memory resources (BTW, have u noticed utorrent just went 7mb? just saying, i was used to see 6mb all the time lol), nah utorrent is great and if ludde keeps it's fine job this may not even get 200kb like... ever :P

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