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I have a torrent-file.

I Set: Seed While <= 150% or seeding time <= (Ignore), when torrent has 1.5 ratio it stop. All right.

But, when I put at Properties of torrent: Seed While <= 150% or seeding time <= 96 hours, and when torrent has 1.5 and I seed only 2 hours, torrent never STOP!

And when I put at Properties of torrent: Seed While <=150% or seeding time <= 1hour, and when torrent has ratio < 1.5 and I seed more then 1 hour, torrent never STOP!

Is it Bug or I don't understand something?

Sorry for my bad English.

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I noticed today that when I tell uTorrent to Seed While, for a specific torrent, it ignores my settings - I set it for 200% and when I came home, it was up over 300% (not a bad thing, but when I'm limited on transfers each month, I have to pick and choose).

So, I grabbed 425 today and now I am seeding another torrent.

For testing (I never seed only to 105%) I right-click and choose Properties... I set it to Seed While Ratio is <= 105% or seeding time is (Ignore). It's now up to 1.105 (which is 110.5% I assume) and is still humming along at full speed... Wth? Shouldn't it stop?

System-wide seed-while settings work ok, but it appears torrent-specific settings are broken?

Oh, and how about adding in some torrent-specific "When Torrent has reached the seeding goal" override settings? As I said, only certain torrents I want/need to stop, the rest can just continue on their merry way - I don't want all torrents to slow to a limited upload/stop completely when each torrent has reached the seeding goal, only specific ones...

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No, because I don't want the auto-stop to apply to all torrents, only ones where I right-click and set torrent-specific Properties...

Nevermind, I get it now...

In Options / Preferences / Seeding Priority I have Ratio is <= -1 and Seeding time is (Ignore). And When Torrent has reached seeding goal: 0 (stop torrent).

So now, all torrents will continue on forever, but If I right-click a specific torrent and tell it to Seed While / Override and set it to 200% and (Ignore), it *should* stop at 2.00 right?

...what a goofy way of doing this.

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Yes, they will all keep going unless you specifically set a manual ratio the way you set it up.

If you put a ratio of 200% in the individual torrent's properties, then it'll stop at 200%. (2.000)

The ratio means nothing except to give an ETA to reach that ratio unless you have the "Limit the upload rate to" option on. :P

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Hi Firon,

(using utorrent 1.8 beta 10524). I understand how the seed ratio configuration works, and I think I understand why utorrent is not behaving as I would want it to. The problem probably is with the definition for "seed". If I understand correctly, the "seeding ratio" does not apply if the torrent is still downloading?

What i see now is a 700MB torrent, 400MB downloaded, and 555MB uploaded (ratio is 1.374= 137.4%), even though i set 45%.

So i guess this is either a bug or a new feature request.

I was hoping to use the "seed ratio" to avoid overcharge by my ISP (I have limits of 20Gig D/L and 10 Gig U/L). I used to limit this manually through the utorrent upload rate, but this was some work and actually not as nice to others as I could be. A "ratio" feature (vs "seeding ratio") would allow me to give as much as I can without worrying.

Also, as I was reading through this thread it occurred to me that it might be simpler to use a single unit for the ratio, i.e. percentage or decimals, e.g. config max to 20%, see current as 10% (just to be clear, right now I configure a percentage but I see x.xx on my torrent).

Thanks for your time and for making a great software,


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Old thread... When you finish the torrent, it checks the queue rules. You can't control your ratio while downloading unless you limit your download/upload by going to the individual torrent properties.

Be sure to check out Ultima's sticky and follow post #2 ... it includes options you can turn off if you are on a quota. Be sure you also have conservative settings for your connection.

As far as your suggestion... Ctrl-P -> Queueing -> Seeding Rules are all in %, it's already in 1 unit.

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Hi jewelishheaven, thanks for your reply.

Ok, I understand the current limitation during downloading state. Should I post this as a feature request?

As far as my suggestion: Yes, all the configuration for seed ratio is in percentage. No problew there. However, in each torrent's "ratio" column, its shows as decimals. This is what i meant. I was suggesting that both configuration (Ctrl+P and individual torrents) and display (or current status) of the torrents would use the same units. In my example above, I would have configured 45%, and 555MB/400MB would show me a ratio of 137.4%, not the number 1.374.



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