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What's new in 2.0 build 18907?


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Where did you get the 18907??

Don't know. I just monitor clients/builds stats on a private tracker and when I opened this topic ~0.5% of clients was using this new build, now it's ~0.8%. It's inconvinient that there're 3 versions that simultaneously release new builds, I thought that since 2.0.1 RC was released and 2.0 topic closed there'll be no more new 2.0 builds.

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There it sits, on CNET, and people are starting to use it, yet there's no record of it here,

no trace of it in the thread which is supposed to cover that line and anybody who asks

is directed to that useless and closed thread.

Somebody has dropped the ball and I advise everybody to delay installing it until the

developers and forum staff get their act together. Something relevant should have

been posted here before that version was released, not after a member of the public

had to remind them to do it.

I had to repost this again because yet again, a forum moderator chose to rudely close

the topic instead of making any effort to address the question.

This behaviour is unprofessional and offensive. Somebody here better pick up the ball or I will

be taking it up with somebody who has the authority to make some changes around here.

Don't believe it? Google my name, then watch me. really.gif

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