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B431 | RSS detects torrent but does not download it?!?!


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(It used to work until today with other torrents, I havent changed anything, just the build - syntax of the TV episode has not changed)

I checked the RSS favorite and history. There was a match and the torrent was detected properly.

So I should have the torrent in my torrent diectory and start downloading but I just found out that the torrent was not there and of course the d/l didnt start.

I am using the latest build (431)

Is it something with this build?

What's going on?

Thanks ;-)

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I am about to go back to an older build, it did it again.

The RSS history shows the torrent download but no torrent and ... no download ...

I have never had any issues with this tracker so I really wonder if this is a problem since b431 (using 432 right now)

Without logging, it is really hard to tell if it is the client or the tracker

Is anyone experiencing the same problem ?

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It makes sense, difficult to know it is what happened - it could be nice to have a retry parameter in case something goes wrong the first time :-)

Any other ideas?

I cant .. it has gone beyond the list end which is what 15 items, so it doesnt show up in the releases but only in history ... I had to do it manually from the tracker web site :-(
Yes, that one is a nasty bug as you end missing some releases. :P
And if you try to get it manually on the Releases tab, what happens?

I don't want to quote all the above, but it shows me that the bug I posted (in the todo list now) it critical for the RSS downloader to become more reliable. People will loose "confidence" in it :P

The main points to improve here are:

* logging of any errors (if any, optional )

* Showing correct data in history/releases (flag torrents ONLY if really DLed, or else mark with a different flag )

* auto re-download. It will come automatically once the history will be cleared from those not loaded torrents (or at least mark accordingly also in istory), since it will re-try the next time

* and maybe: enable to "open" also from history

All this - is already in my post in the todo list. So "vote" there...

And @Firon- you/ludde might want to reconsider fixing the logic here *before* the next release.

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Well I have to say I am quite pleased with uTorrent but that single glitch will make me give it up - this would be too bad, especially since it has worked fine for until build 431 ...

Your efforts are appreciated :)

PS Nice summary AND suggestions Rafi ;)

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Well yeah :) :)

But it did work in the past (my cookie setting WAS set up properly ..) and it is not that obvious. You have to think about it, that the cookie can change, and then verify.

In addition, to be constructive, that side of uTorrent, logging RSS stuff is missing so ...

- it would help improving RSS logging

- remind with a sticky the cookie can change and has to be updated ...

Anyway thanks for the feedback.

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I've got a similar problem. I've set up a filter (for the series 24..) and today when i switched on my computer (µTorrent is in auto start) it started downloading the ep. 5x11 ... but in the same feed there was ep. 5x12 too! And it showed up in the history, and when I clicked "?" uTorrent said, that 5x12 was opened aswell. But that's simply not true.. when I got home from school I'd to add it manually.

My filter is "24*" and HDTV,PDTV,DSRip,TVRip

Hope it helps!

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