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[toolbar/status] Old Skool (legacy)


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For those of us who like the old icons, less is more. The new hicolor icons are giving me a headache.

Ripped these out of the older version. Hope the author doesn't mind. I couldn't find any configurations to switch it back to the old style, and someone in the announcements forum said to make a skin, so here it is.






Alright... Here's a v2. I added the preferences button, but would be nice if the toolbar was customizable so the preferences button can be removed.

Toolbar v2


Statusbar is unchanged. zip archive has both toolbar and staus, so pick the version you like.

Download v2

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if you check this thread you can find the original toolbars + icons,

except that the search and RSS icons are missing =


EDIT: lol, Determination was faster.

EDIT: if you check later in that thread you will see that another user has added the search icon,

so you just need to add the RSS icon and the toolbar is complete :)

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I used DrLamok's original version (quickie-toolbarD) combined with

the rss, search, and config icons that Sleepybum used. This is a bit

cleaner because it's the original icons and not made from screenshots.

Blow them both up to compare and you'll see.

I'll post the enhanced toolbar and the original status icons (quickie-tstatusE)

on the skins page giving DrLamok credit.

Here's a direct link to all of DrLamok's original icon versions


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