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How to convert new utorrent to act like older versions!!?


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Sounds weird i know, but my problem is that I'm on a 100/10mbit line (comhem sweden).. and i used to max out, both uploading and downloading on daily basis. Until i went from 1.8.5 to 2.0.4....

Lots of trackers allow different "specific" versions of uTorrent, some even banning any v2 with UTP indefinitely...

I have been testing for at least 2hrs before i posted, with the v2 i can't seem to download faster than 3.6mb/s ... i pause the download, change to 1.8.5 (build 17414) and the same torrent goes to 10.8mb/s.

so obviously i get MUCH better speeds.. with the older version!!

so my question is a little weird i know, but how can i use v2.0.4 but change all the settings to make it work/mimic the 1.8.5 versions or earlier??

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Hehehe... i see where your comming from, but what i want is simple basicly...

you don't have to care about my settings or anything like that, all i want is utorrent 1.8.5 with all its original settings, but i want it to report to the tracker as v2 or whatever....

my point is simple... I want the old utorrent that actually worked !!

All the new utorrent releases have soooo many problems, and you all act as if we're crazy as soon as someone mentions some issue, or it MUST be our computers and connections that went suddenly insane after an upgrade for some weird reason. And the best answers i find here " your isp must be throttling".

sadly after 5 years, i am trying to use vuse now... its crap compared to utorrent, but at least i have my speeds back.... and

"Considering we don't know what your current settings are, nor do we know what internet security software you have installed, we have no information to even guess where to start."

are still the same.

and about trackers banning the v2.. check it out, some of the biggest trackers out there... not many like the new utp

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well just wanted to update !!

after googling for help on utorrent (since we can never get it here)... I found a Swedish site that explains what ALLLL the ppl with fast speeds... and are having problems should do.

In short, you take v2.0.4 disable all the new options in it... until it starts to function like v1.8.5...

and voila... my speeds up and down are at max nearly all the time.

was that really so hard for you guys... without all the blah blah about my settings..!??

I have had the same standard settings that come with utorrent for 5 years...

anyway the good news is.. i can use utorrent again... and the good news for you guys is that i wont be back here for help anymore.

thx for all the good work

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was that really so hard for you guys... without all the blah blah about my settings..!??

considering we knew what settings would need changing if you had bothered to actually tell us what your settings actually were, we might have been able to help you, but you spent FOUR FULL DAYS without telling us what your settings were. And we still don't know.

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Thanks Rafi, i think i will go for it. The steps in your sig are extensive though, and you break it out in a per-issue fashion. Here's what I think I will start with, and you can let me know if I should remove or add additional steps:

- disable the use of uTP by pref->BitTorrent->Enable Bandwidth Management = unchecked

- Set pref->advanced->net.uTP_dynamic_packet_size =false

- Set pref->advanced->net.utp_initial_packet_size = 8 (use MTU size)

- (assume not needed) Support only uTP incoming connections by setting pref->advanced->bt.transp_disposition = 29

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