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3.4 Alpha b29513: pause button


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Has disappeared from button bar.

Don't know if intentional but we were used to it. It was there even from v3.3.1

Luckily the option is still there if righ-click on a record or selection of records and select pause from the pop-up menu.

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READ the changelog, that is what it is there for.


--2013-03-12: Version 3.4 (build 29315)

- Fix: Proper update notifications reflecting preferences

- Fix: Fix auto-update shutdown crash

- Change: removed pause-button from toolbar (it's still in the context menu if you need it)

- Fix bug: Incorrect directory if wndaddpre is disabled

- Change: Improve uTP performance on fast connections by increasing its buffer sizes

- Enhanced DHT lookup process to be faster by maintaining queries to the closest 4 nodes as replies are received for get_peers queries (and ignoring the 4 outstanding query limit)

- Fix: Occasional crash sending more than 15 comments

- Fix: Duplicate device names for android devices

- Fix: Shutdown/restart after downloads complete records torrent state more reliably

- Fix: fix flushing of completed pieces immediately

- Fix: fix gdi leak when resizing window

- Fix: fix disk flushing not being triggered every time it should be

- Feature: add "play" as a double click action

- Fix: DHT announce performance issue corrected

- Fix: upload rate-limiter issue

- Change: make progress bars not have rounded corners

- Fix: Crash when adding magnet links

- Fix: disk write coalesce issue

- Fix: disk flushing issues

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