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Download and upload speed never gets to 100%


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Ever since I have been using uTorrent (currently 2.0.4 build 21586), I always noticed that the downloading speed and upload speed never gets to 100% (I'm using Torrentleech most of the time).

I also have upgraded my internet plan a few times with no difference.

What happens is when I had 15mb download plan, for example, I got 1.87MBps in direct download but only 1.6MBps in uTorrent no matter how many seeders there were, and for 20 mb download im getting 2.5MBps in direct and 2.2MBps in utorrent, same goes for upload speed (and btw my settings are set by those recommended here in the forum).

So does anybody know why this is happening?

Edit: I'm using windows 7 ultimate 64 bit, my internet plan is 20mb down and 3mb up.

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