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Mouse-over on task bar icon


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I have the following:

I've dowloaded only certain files from a torrent (the rest is marked as skipped), another fully and the last one, currently downloading.

The tooltip in the tray bar says:

2(2) downloading, 1(1) seeding

I think it should say:

1(1) downloading, 2(2) seeding

At least the icons in the GUI are displaying that, one arrow down, two up.

utorrent version

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Now it's just 2 seedings (one of them is the partially downloaded torrent) and one queued seed in the GUI, in the taskbar it shows:

1(1) downloading, 1(2) seeding

If it is like chaosblade said, wouldn't it be 0(0) downloading, 2(3) seeding?

It seems to me that if you download just certain files from a torrent, and skip the others, the GUI shows it like a fully downloaded torrent (it says torrent completed when it's done indeed) but the tooltip shows it like an unfinished download.

EDIT: 1.1.7 seems to show it right.

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