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Space in hard drive


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Something wrong happens when I use uTorrent. I always save all downloaded files in external HDs, even so, I lose free space in my main drive, where Windows and the program is installed, that is, the drive C:

uTorrent eats up free space in my disk. I have checked the files with Glary Utilities and I found nothing abnormal. However, I have lesser and lesser space.

How can I remove this junk data? I have tried to remove manually downloaded torrents + data, but it did not work at all, because only the downloaded files were removed and the free space was not restored.

May somebody help me? It is urgent!

I thank you in advance for any support.

Best regards!!

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Thanks for answer.

The security software here is Avira. And its version is

I have checked the system with it and with Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool and no virus and adware was found.

Only free space goes away every time I use uTorrent to download something. And it does not work to uninstall (and reinstall afterwards), because the system does not recover free space at all.

Have you ever heard something about this? How can we solve it?

Thanks for supporting me!

Best regards!

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No. I can not see it. The free space is simply eaten up. It should be about 50 Gb, but it is just 10 Gb and decreasing and decreasing. Today it was 11 Gb and, after downloading three files to test again, it becomes 10 Gb as I said.

I have ran the Disk Analyses by Glary Utilities to see where something unusual could be, but it shows nothing wrong.

Remember, I save all downloaded files (with uTorrent) in a separate drive, an external hard disk.

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