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.alt and empty filenames


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Name: Clarice Falcão - Monomania (2013)

Looks ok for me, in Windows though.

Is it happening on every torrent you try adding?

Only magnets or also .torrent?

Maybe something with their filenames that's causing it?

Found other with same issue: https://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=728452

Version and build of µTorrent?

Maybe try update to beta if latest stable.

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This happens with just some torrents. They are .torrent files, I don't have magnets to test.

This is the latest stable (1.8.4 build 29971)


This is the message I get from uTorrent beta (1.9.0 build 29250):


These are the filenames. Maybe something with accentuation or filename encoding because they are the ones that show as ".alt".

01 - Eu Esqueci Você.mp3 7.05 MB

010 - O Que Eu Bebi.mp3 5.16 MB

011 - A Gente Voltou.mp3 5.10 MB

012 - Oitavo Andar (Uma Canção Sobre o Amor).mp3 5.22 MB

013 - Capitão Gancho.mp3 3.25 MB

014 - Fred Astaire (English Version).mp3 6.21 MB

02 - Macaé.mp3 7.23 MB

03 - Monomania.mp3 6.29 MB

04 - Um Só.mp3 3.90 MB

05 - Fred Astaire.mp3 6.20 MB

06 - Talvez.mp3 5.06 MB

07 - De Todos os Loucos do Mundo.mp3 5.63 MB

08 - Qualquer Negócio.mp3 7.13 MB

09 - Eu Me Lembro.mp3 8.44 MB

AlbumArtSmall.jpg 5.93 kB

Folder.jpg 27.44 kB

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What filesystem is the drive you're saving the files to?

Mac OS Extended.

Right. Is there a way to get around this bug' date=' do I have to open a bug fix request or is this a problem of the person who generated the file,[/quote']

Yes, no and not really.

The fix is have the same character encoding set on your machine.

It is NOT a uTorrent 'bug'

Ok. And how can I do that?

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No idea

A: I don't run a Mac

B: That's outside the scope of these forums, as it is not uTorrent specific.

A. That's a Mac specific forum.

B. I still think it's a uTorrent bug since I can download the torrent normally with other clients.

In my opinion filesystem has nothing to do with the problem since files haven't been stored in the filesystem yet. The problem exists in the moment uTorrent reads the torrent file, so for me IT IS a uTorrent bug.

I don't want to use other Torrent client but I think I will be forced to. :(

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