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invalid path in torrent


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I have been using "uTorrent 3.2.3 build 285705" for a while now and today I upgraded to "3.4" and started getting all kinds of problems. But the most annoying is this. This happens with a lot of torrent-files. 




These torrent-files works GREAT in other torrent-clients like "Deluge" and also in the older µTorrent I used before... 3.2.3 build 285705. So apparently there's NOTHING wrong with the torrent-files.


But it's a bit frustrating to have more than one torrent-client running. 


EDIT: I guess the best solution for the moment is to just stick to using the older version of µTorrent since it works flawlessly. 

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The 0-length paths in the torrent are actually a violation.

The bug isn't in the current uTorrent version. It's in the old one.


Ok easy explanation would be: The older versions of µTorrent creates torrent-files that most clients except for the newer versions of µTorrent can read? 


Like deleted "backward compatibility" or something like that? What do you mean by "violation"? 

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As in it causes paths that outright break things and are potentially used as system-access exploits against remote computers.


Ok... well I deleted the new µTorrent now and installed 2.2.1 instead. That took care of the problems.


And now I can download at full speed again constantly without getting that annoying "disk overload" and "corked jobs" errors I had before. Which shouldn't be a problem when using fast harddrives. Western Digital Black in a RAID-0 configuration and 100MBit connection.

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I upgraded today and instantly got this prob. One of the downloading torrent stopped and I couldn't continue it or start it over again.


Could that be fixed? Or I should downgrade to the previous utorrent version I have?


PS. I downgraded to 3.3.2 and the torrent started with no probs. Pity it was half-downloaded already before. I hope the bug will be fixed asap so to upgrade again.

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Oh, thank you! As I said it was a silly question.


Is this 0-lenght as much a sign someone will get access to my PC? Or it just was made with "wrong" client version? If really this prevents me I can use the newest version of utorrent. I download tons of book on KAT, most from ppl I know and they'd never make a "dangerous" .torrent.

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The bug is fixed, the torrent isn't.


Download it with another client that has the bug, or find another torrent.


Please explain how this can't be a bug in µTorrent? 


The torrent-files with this "path-problem" have been created both with older AND latest version of µTorrent. 


Also it appears to be a very RANDOM problem... because it's not specific to any size or number of files. 

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Also, it would need to be PROPERLY edited on the site it was uploaded to AND re-downloaded by people currently on it for it to work.

Can the torrent be fixed with BEncode Editor?  If so how?

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