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5kbs Speed help!!!(tried every other post like this for 4 hours!)


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Ok guys so my speed is 5kbs download and for a 7gb file thats bad(weeks)...I tried a vpn and just about every other solution i could get my hands on for 4 hours...


Randomly at morning my speed would increase to full for about an hour then quikly drops...


I am running the latest version of utorrent and have tweaked all my setting a thousand times,my speed test of utorrent shows that I run at 200kbs download speed...the upload speed doesn't matter to me..


I have tried adding like 100 trackers but my speed only increased by 1kbs and only one of the working peers are downloading!


I have closed everything that consumes internet and have made multiple firewall exeptions...nothing


I have set utorrents priority to high and the torrents priority to high...

I only have one torrent running...


Pls help I'm going mad >:(

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Which exact build ? 34944? If this happens also with the ubuntu torrent and with my example settings file  (@sig) - go talk to your ISP...

Build 34903...Thanks for replying,will try ur links :)



ok,so i downloaded you're version of utorrent and put the settings.dat with the utorrent.exe in the same folder,ran it and it still didn't work?

I think its my isp throttling my torrents to 1kb/s but how to stop them?


wait wtf? it just went fullspeed... I'll report back later...


ok,this is odd...Two different torrents about the same seeds but much different speeds,but anyway thanks for the help!

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