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Utorrent Crashes on Force Recheck


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What's the operating system and size of the torrent?

Using Windows XP SP3, I used Force Re-Check on a 56.1MB size torrent and no crash.


As you can imagine, I'm feeling a bit left out :rolleyes:


I am using Windows 7. The crash happens when you are downloading a torrent, then stop it, and then do a force-recheck. I don't think the size of the torrent makes any difference.

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Download manually from here  - http://www.utorrent.com/downloads/win


I find the latest stable release to be buggy and unstable in other ways too, apart from the problem described above. If you are downloading a torrent with multiple sub-folders and files with long file names, making the file paths very long, it struggles to cope, and keeps coming up with error messages saying that it can't find the file path etc. The only way that I could get round it was to stop downloading most of the files, and download them one or two at a time until it was all done.

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