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  1. i find most confirmation emails get junked by hotmail.. even moreso with the new windows live mail beta, since it considers everything you don't have on an allowed list to be possible junk.
  2. Sad how some people can change so easily by reading a couple baseless, uninformed opinions .. especially after they've been rationally explained (to death) on this forum, webpage and various other sites for months. hmm here's a personal favorite.
  3. don't be such a quiff, legumo.
  4. great news! the FAQ should be updated as well
  5. osm0sis

    Great programs you use

    Browser: IE6 Email: several webmail accts via my providers IM: WLM 8 Beta 365, pimped out with A-Patch, and colors set to black. Video player: WMP 6.4 w/ ffdshow DVD player: InterVideo WinDVD 4 Pro Audio player: Winamp 5.21 Pro Archiving: WinRAR 3.51 Corporate CD Ripping: Exact Audio Copy CD Authoring: Nero 6.6 Ultra CD Image Mounting: DAEMON Tools 4.0 CD Image Burning: Alcohol 120% Antivirus: AVG 7.1 Free Antispyware: AdAware 1.06SE Personal, Spybot S&D 1.4 Office Software: MS Office 2000 Pro SP3 Text Editing: Notepad Image Editing: Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Audio Editing/Tracking: Sonic Foundry Soundforge 6.0, Sonic Foundry Vegas Video 3.0 .. and of course µTorrent 1.5 i'd like to add that Sonic Foundry was so good before they sold their souls to Sony.
  6. not every application is only 150k in size.. makes autoupdating that much easier
  7. another thing it might be good to point out is that even though there isn't a link to it on the website (yet) there appears to have been a language pack available for both of the new 1.5 builds: http://utorrent.com/download/langpacks/
  8. you should upgrade to 1.5 because of all the new functionality (PEX, PE, etc). also there's a classic "legacy" theme available for download in the User Interface Design part of the forums here. As for everything else, you can turn off the tab icons (and even the toolbar if you don't like it taking up space, something that i did for awhile until i found a theme i was happier with), that's all under the Options menu. The only new "eyecandy" is the stop-light style Network OK, which really isn't that big of a deal, imo. edit: linkage.. [toolbar/status] Old Skool (legacy)
  9. a page back Firon stated that it was minor bug fixes and optimizations (which appear to have dropped the exe size slightly, so nice work!)
  10. mmm wouldn't it be swanky if µTorrent's autoupdater used a torrent to download itself?
  11. shouldn't the µT version number/build number be what it checks when it looks for an update?
  12. hah, i didn't even notice that 1.5 came out since i'm so used to looking at the newest beta and ignoring the stable portion of the main page table. oddly enough though, 1.4.2 b435 doesn't tell me to update to 1.5 (436).. bug?
  13. the prio rare peices is what µTorrent will choose it's peice requests based on. so it mostly affects downloads. uploading depends on what peices a peer requests from you. since you have rarer peices that everyone else will want to download from you (if they too are prioritizing the rare peices) so yeah, it does work with upload. and i suppose cause and effect mean that if they want to download from you then you get to download from them so your download increases... takes some thinking through, but it's a good default option. very good for the swarm and overall good for download speeds.
  14. --- 2006-03-06: Version 1.4.2-beta (build 434) - Change: Default to priorizing rarest pieces - Change: Tweaked auto read cache
  15. @CLR: the "fix" for hashfails occurred in 427, the current hashfail problems originate from Azureus peers, and is fixed in their CVS, so hopefully will soon be incorporated into a stable. p.s. any way to turn off the icons on the tabs in 429? i really dislike those pictures. edit: and not enough core changes to make me stick with it, *reverts to 428*
  16. Frost: i'm a fan of FOOOD's black circle document icon, i nominate that one for the files if there is one to be included
  17. saweet! congrats BSH. excellent work.
  18. rafi, such restraint i prefer the ones with potentially more kinks worked out.
  19. i wasn't getting a Network OK in 427 for awhile there, i figured it was because i just switched back to my home network (i'm home from school for the break). I am getting one now with 428. it not being announced may just be a matter of the site not being updated yet. either ludde or firon usually does it, so the files often wait in the beta folder until one or the other has time to update the site. perhaps that's the case now. also, this beta has a changelog. in the past the ones that didn't get announced didn't have changelogs. so maybe this one breaks with pattern, but it's probably more likely that it's just waiting on a site update.
  20. well it's not exactly hard to get hold of
  21. i hope so. ignorantcow said he believed BSH's wasp was the winner once they worked out a better font for the header.
  22. k, i gave this another shot. hopefully BSH doesn't mind me using his wasp on these (let me know if you do). so tell me, any success this time? edit: just so people know, the head IS slightly larger on the bottom image
  23. which? the actual bee bee or are you referring to the wasp?