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  1. Well, I dont think going out and making it a colorful parade is right either ;] Basically i love Shrill's design, but it can vary in colors just a right bit - So it wont look blend or dull to anyone ;] Lets say, Shrill's design with yours\boo's color for the legs ? and perheps a deep brown color for the spear.
  2. Definitly a spear, the sword looks out of place ;] Sorry, I still prefer Shrill's design with some colors played around :]
  3. I liked your mods generally, like the different green-shaded legs (dont like the red color for the weapon, stands out too much IMO). Lament: yeah, but a logo\icon for uTorrent wont need to fit printing, now would it ?
  4. Shrill's design is incredible. A well thought-of concept aswell. Good work :] EDIT: Lets say your design gets selected. Do the uTorrent devs have permission to use it as the logo ? Also, Could you post a slightly more colorfull version ? Its pretty good right now, but its only a single shade of green.
  5. please check the existing entries before posting, telus was one of the first to be added ;]
  6. Awesome, Shrill! I really like it. The uTorrent Trible Warrior!
  7. Why ? Use either the flags.conf method or the resolve countries option. Both give you pretty good results regardless.
  8. Actually dont turn on resolve countries ;] That will interfear with the flags.conf method. use either one ;]
  9. I definitly see FOOOD's green iJunior as a good one. I for one dislike all the aqua\glass effects to a point. boo's mod to the Simple set are also quite awesome as a simple convaying of the µ :]
  10. So kill BT at all.. even the basic protocol is used mainly to benefit illegal sharing in your idea. It's a nice feature. Do more clients support it aside from BitTornado (as Shadow wrote the specs, its obvious his client supports it).
  11. half of those were already mentioned.. try reading the thread next time
  13. Webbrowsing: Firefox Email: Outlook Express 6 Movie player: MPC (Media Player Classic -NOT THE M$ ONE-) IM: MirandaIM IRC: mIRC sadly, maybe one day XChat. voip in general: none. Music Player: Foobar2000, Duh. Audio Editing: Nothing really. Unzipping: WinRAR Picture browsing: Irfanview Picture editing: Photoshop CD burning: Nero. image mounting: Daemon tools Antivirus: Kaspersky 4 teh win. Firewall: XPSP2. Hack me please, i dont care Bandwidth Monitor: uhh, cFosSpeed when its running, i dont really care usualy. Temp monitor: useless. FTP: Filezilla, FlashFXP mostly. Text: Notepad usualy, word for other stuff. CD Ripping: CDex mp3 Tag Editor: Tag&Rename Did i forget anything ?