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On the torrent site I use 24/7, I have a recurring battle with some people there who insist on using version 2.1 of utorrent. 

They are nuts.  The benefits of upgrading to the current version 3.4.5 eclipse any reason to stick with any previous version. 


I don't understand why, but utorrent is considerably faster than bittorrent which is made by the same people and looks identical.  Forget bittorrent, use utorrent. 

In old versions, utorrent would freeze up.. it does not do that anymore.

In old versions, whenever utorrent crashed, it was a major disaster and the database index would be screwed requiring me several days to recheck all  my files.  That doesn't happen anymore.  Even if there is a power outage, utorrent now repairs itself quickly - and does not lose anything. 


There was only one bug in utorrent that forced me to install VUZE for certain files, but I suspect that bug has finally been fixed because I have not encountered it in about 4 months.  I am considering uninstalling VUZE because I don't need it for that one issue anymore. 


I know about programming.  Over time, when a program is upgraded, it is supposed to improve.   More often than not, upgrades just add new features, don't fix the existing problems, and become dinosaurs.  The Windows operating system is a classic example of that.  It is painful to realize how many billions of dollars have been spent to develop Windows, and to see what a piece of crap it is. 

A few programs, such as Utorrent, improve over time - to the point where they become perfect and need no further upgrades.


Ironically, commercial programs such as PowerDVD just issue upgrades so they can sell the same product to the same customers over and over again.  That scheme fails over time because people are not completely stupid.  The more they upgrade PowerDVD, the more it locks up and the longer it takes to load, and the more it crashes.  With the current version of PowerDVD, I have to re-install it about once every 2 weeks because the menus get corrupted. 

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Update not upgrade.

No.. upgrade..

Updates are minor changes such as going from version 2.0 to 2.2, etc.  The final update to the 2.x version was 2.2.1

There were then versions 3.0 with the final update to the 3.0 version being  3.0.1

Then 3.1 with the final update being 3.1.3

Then 3.2 with the final update being 3.2.2

Then 3.3 with the final update being 3.3.2

Then 3.4 with the current update being 3.4.5 (3.4.6 beta)

Each version has a LOT of revised builds.


Anyway.. going from version 2.2.1 to 3.4.x is an upgrade, not an update. 

There were a lot of duds after 2.2.1, but I had no problems with any of the 3.4.x's  

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2.2.1 pro - create torrent with any tracker. speeds seem to be better (subjective). multiple peers stuck at unfinished percentage get processed. force recheck works reliably. 

con - memory management not as good, file moving after completion sometimes causes disk overload.


latest 3.4 pro - better handling of file movement after completion.

con - seems to be buggy with force recheck. not impressed with upload rates on latest version. 

gives error when you try to create torrent with certain trackers or more than one entry of a tracker.

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