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µTorrent banned? (for valid reason?)


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I'm getting a client is banned message on one of my torrents. On the tracker's wiki, at http://wiki.depthstrike.com/index.php/Tracker_Information , it says:

The Following Clients are currently banned from EAD's tracker network:


* µTorrent - Abusive Announcing, Poor announce implementation.

Is that a problem which existed in an older client and that has now been fixed? Will it be fixed? Or is it not a problem at all?


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As a workaround, you can edit the tracker url and add the key parameter manually, such that the tracker url would look something like this:


Where 12345 can be any random string, so you can leave it as 12345.

EDIT: 1.1.8 supports key parameter builtin, so PLEASE UNDO after upgrading to 1.1.8 when it is released.

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i use 1.1.6 and the tracker i use also has a passkey system and it works here without a problem.

the reason why i still use 1.1.6 is because the new version has removed the options in seeding priority: numbers of seeders is less then: 5

and i use this option to make sure non of our .torrents get 0 seeders.

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Yes, seedless torrents are prioritized, after the Priority Seeding preferences.

If you have a seedless torrent, that is prioritized by the preferences, then it will go first... once all of the torrents that were prioritized through preferences have satisfied their goals, then torrents without seeds at normal priority go first.

-- Smoovious

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