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Incomplete Torrent


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You will have to repair the zip file more than likely. If you're "lucky" the missing chunk is part of the intro or credits of one of the shows instead of the end of the zip file where the directory+file structure is stored.

But quite possibly the whole torrent is a fake and/or corrupted. How many seeds are reported on the torrent and how many peers?

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well at the beggining there were a bunch, now there are only 3 seeds and no peers.

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If there are Seeds then the torrent is probably polluted. Might as well stop now.

If there are no seeds and the availability is indeed below 1.0 then you won't be able to complete the torrent unless a seed or peer with the missing pieces comes back.

Repairing the archive might allow you to unpack but the data will be slightly corrupt which in most video and audio cases will allow you play the file but possible with glitches, freeze frames, audio desync and such. For each of those bugs there are tools that might fix, prevent or circumvent them.

In other cases it depends on how much corruption and where but often the download won't be usable (games, applications and such).

In the end it boils down to how much effort you want to put into it.

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