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uTorrent connects to very few peers


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I'm on a torrent with 500 seeds and 500 leechers. I have uTorrent's max connection limit set to 200, yet, uTorrent only connects to 15 seeds and 60 leechers which is hurting download speeds severely.

I already tried a few of the advanced options

- bt.slow_connect false (works better under true with me)

- net.low_cpu false

Any suggestions? I don't have this problem with other clients.

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15 seeds and 60 peers is a very good connection condition. You will most likely wont get another 0.1kB/s speed improvement from more peers. Its more likely that the seeds you're connected to are busy sending to other peers, same goes with the other peers.

I believe this is strictly a specific torrent issue rather then uTorrent.

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it does seem todo odd things like that. ive been on a torrent with over 300 seeds and over 1000 peers yet still havent been able to max out my d/l speed due to it not connecting to more than about 10 ppl

Bear in mind that we currently get peer information only from the tracker. That data can be stale. Another question is how many peers we request from the tracker? The default is fifty, but we may request less, and even if we request that many, it may be that a lot of them are no longer there.

Azureus can also get peer information from DHT and peer exchange, so it has a temporary advantage. I've looked at the DHT spec but haven't studied it enough to form an opinion as to whether the peer list obtained is higher quality than from the tracker. It uses a slightly different implementation than the mainline client, but this could be resolved eventually as they are close. DHT was originally architected to be a distributed information service that would self-heal when sections of the swarm became unreachable, yet still be efficient when everyone is working and always be able to find the file requested. It seems like a bit of overkill for the application, but if you're worried about swarms being attacked by unfriendly foes, or are forced to operate under very bad network conditions, then it's a good precaution. An attacker would have a devil of a time taking down a large swarm with members constantly entering and leaving.

The peer exchange protocol is much simpler, but only works between Azureus and a couple of other clients. AFAIK, it is not part of the BitTorrent spec at all, except as an extension. I don't know about the quality of the peer list from that protocol either. It does seem to make some sense to support all three types of peer information protocols: traditional tracker for private torrents, DHT for hostile or very unreliable environment and peer exchange for a low-overhead distributed solution when conditions are good. Something like peer exchange coupled with UDP tracker communications could greatly increase the number of potential peers that a tracker can manage.

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It seems that are having the normal problems, but i dont really see and info on this. I have a ton of torrent, all well seeded but it seems as if none of the seeds really want to connect. with 100 - 1000 seeds showing on average about 1 - 5 seeds want to connect and in addition the dl speed is extreamly slow. Of course all the port forwarding is taken care of, and by the way i do run the peer guardian and bt engine. Now the reason i even say anything about this is because this only started recently, up untill that last few days the speed has been lightning fast and i wonder what could have caused the change. Also i havent changed any setting besied the max# of torrents running at once and the number of peer connections. And no i didnt turn the peers to zero.

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On the other client (Bitcomet) I always have DHT turned off.

I know that having 15 seeds and 60 peers is a good condition but, if I am connected to 200 peers total my chances of getting the guy with the fat pipe to upload for me are bigger :) .

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Having more connections won't necessarily help. The program simply needs to drop idle or slow connections in favor of faster ones. Quality over quantity. According to the Azureus devs, around 60 connections is optimal for consumer grade internet connections (cable/dsl).

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Having more connections won't necessarily help. The program simply needs to drop idle or slow connections in favor of faster ones. Quality over quantity. According to the Azureus devs, around 60 connections is optimal for consumer grade internet connections (cable/dsl).

I tend to agree, and note that we rarely get sixty connections with uTorrent. Peers and seeds are not the same, however, which is why you want that many connections. No matter how many peers you have, you will only select four as peers who will download to you. While experimenting by optimisitically unchoking a fifth peer will help you locate your best four peers, you will only have four whether the pool of peers is four or forty. If everyone has the same connection bandwidth, your download speed would then equal your upload speed.

Seeds also have only four upload slots and will select the four peers who will accept their uploads the fastest. You have a roughly one in four chance of being one of those peers selected by a given seed. So the more seeds, the more of them you will be able to download from, assuming you can handle the download bandwidth.

This is clearly a simplification, but it is still useful. It is particluarly applicable when a large number of hosts in a swarm have assymetrical connections, with more download bandwidth than upload. The seeds are then limited to roughly the same upload bandwidth per peer as regular peers, while the peers can accept many more than four download slots.

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I have a similar problem with utorrent 1.2 and 1.7.2. Even there are over 500+ peers and 10+ seeds, I was only able to connect to 2-4seeds and no more than 30peers which cause my dl speed only go around 5-2Kb. I switch back to bitcomet and I am able to connect to the max number of connection that I allow and my dl is around 40-60K.

I patched sp2 limitation, turn on port forwarding, UPnP and no firewall or antivirus running.

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Hi peeps.

I'm a noob to utorrent. my first and final words are still ... UTORRENT ROCKS!

but right now, i'm facing the same probs as are the majority here ... lala, ScubaSteve, 81v3d07g0d, yukycg, canuckerfan

-> seeders and leechers packed to the rafters but very meagre connections.

and now it's dropped to total bubkiss, download doesn't even start,

in spite of leaving the torrent(s) overnight.

almost as if the massive numbers of seeds and peers are mocking me :)

it's only happened recently, very very puzzling ...

the annoying bit is that bitcomet the ram sucker runs it close to perfection.

oh, big thank you to sethg for his very enlightening insight.

BTW, just a casual question ...

why is it not advisable to run 2 different bt clients simultaneously?

(assuming portforwarding and firewall settings have been accounted for)



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I am seeing similar behaviour to what is described here. µTorrent has worked beautifully for me since I first found it several weeks ago. In the last day or so I have had significant problems with it, however. Here is an example (note: seeing similar behaviour on multiple torrents - only citing one as example):

Currently I am attempting to download a torrent that has 1000+ seeds and 11000+ peers. Of those, I end up connected to somewhere between 0-3 peers, and 0 seeds. I have tried everything I can think of to resolve this issue. First, I thought it might be just a bad torrent. I found different copies of the media I wanted to download - all exhibit similar behaviour. I've added additional trackers I found elsewhere. I've played with settings (including some I shouldn't have, though I set everything back). I even played with the settings on my router. All to no avail. Note that this is not an initial configuration problem - as I said, It's been working beautifully for weeks.

I even installed Peer Guardian, an application I'd avoided up to this point. I found that it was blocking over 75% of the traffic to/from µTorrent (I only selected the P2P list when I installed it). I started up Azureus and opened the same torrent, just to see what happened. To my surprise, it began connecting and downloading almost immediately. BitLord seemed fine as well.

Observing the PeerGuardian log window as I downloaded, I noticed something interesting. Downloading the same torrent in Azureus or Bitlord results in very little blocked traffic (less than 1%). If I open the torrent in µTorrent, I have an immediate spike in blocked traffic, all attempting to connect to my µTorrent listen port. The blocked traffic continues for quite some time after shutting down µTorrent. Is this the reason for the poor performance I've been seeing the last day or so? I can't say. It's certainly interesting though.

Anyone have any insight? I really want to keep using µTorrent, but it's just not useful to me as long as this continues.

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I don't think it's a torrent thing. I do believe it's utorrent's handling. Cause BitComet connects immediately to all seeds.

I agree 100%. With uTorrent my d/l speed is 1-3kB/sec.

I start up BitComet and within minutes I am d/l at speeds of 30-35kB/sec and I am on a dinosaur PC Pentium II 200 with 32MB ram on win98SE(dsl 512/256). Seriously, there is something badly broken with uTorrent. I hope the programmers will fix the problem pronto.

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With 1.2.1 final it is similar with me too. I have torrents with 30-50 seeds, and hundreds of peers, and i only get connected to 2-3 seeds and 10-20 peers - making my download 2-3 Kb/s.

the things i tried:

- changing ports

- reediting the firewall settings (it has the currently selected port for UDP and TCP enabled - SP2 firewall)

- i have µTorrent in the NOD32 IMON exception list

- running cFosSpeed - calibrated, and working fine

- tried lazy_bitfield - both values

- tried low_cpu setting - both values

- tried disconnect inactive peers setting (maybe this is not the real name) both on - off and changed the default 300 to 100 still having inactive peers in my peerlist inactive for 7-8 hours(!)

- tried deleting setting.dat

- tried different trackers, torrents

- tried changing the overall connection to 5000 and overall peer value to 500

- killed my SP2 connection limit

- changed the half-connection value from 8 to 50

- changed my disk cache value (whatever the name) from -1 to 8192 and tried 16384 also.


What else should i try?

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