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Tracker specific default save directories


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This was already discussed a long time ago...

There's no need for µTorrent to be your second brain... you can do things like this yourself.

I could also drive to a seeder's house and pick up and get him to burn me a copy to CD, but that's not very convenient either. People use programs to make things easier for them. Why is there UPnP port mapping, an integrated search functinon, and automatic update checking? Surely people could do these things themselves, so why were they added to µtorrent?

I don't see how this feature is much different than categorized downloading which is commonly seen in popular http/ftp download clients. I just would like to be able to open a torrent directly from my browser window and have it automatically know where to save the files. I felt this was a fairly simple thing to implement and wouldn't bloat the size of the program much.

Also, could you point me to the other thread where someone already suggested it? I couldn't find it using the search feature.

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What Silverfire's trying to say is that this feature isn't really needed. I mean, how hard is it to make your own folders before/after the download is complete? :/ Automatic Update checking for instance is something that's convenient for everyone, and it helps to keep obsolete versions of µTorrent to a minimum. I'm not sure if this particular feature has any BIG advantages, but if we missed them, please take your time to point them out. :)

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I would prefer default directorys for formats, as I tend to get my movie files from many different trackers.

That would still be an option, it would only move torrents to folders when you specify it to do so.


In options you have a two column listbox with tracker and directory

Tracker Name Directory

mp3torrents.com c:\mp3

movietorrents.com c:\movies

and your default directory would be c:\torrents

www.mp3torrents.com will download to c:\mp3


www.movietorrents.com would dowload to c:\movies

and all other torrents would download to c:\torrents

I agree that it might not be a feature EVERYONE would use, but it's features like this that make people use one program over another. Something that doesn't get it the way for people who don't want it, doesn't bloat the program much, but is there as an option. Some people might say "move completed downloads" is an unneeded feature. I mean, how hard is it to move a file after you finish downloading it. :P About as difficult as making your own folders before/after the download. I'm not trying to be hardheaded here, I am just making sure everyone understands how it could be a valuable feature.

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Having read the feature description in this post, I'll have to vote for No for this one. Tracker-specific download can get messy even if implemented and you may end up getting yourself lost in the pile if you use it.

Like others have said, it's not difficult to simplify your downloads and just pick a folder you want the download to go to. At the very least, organize your downloads so that you know exactly where to go, instead of remembering a download by tracker, of which there are plentiful out there.

The trouble with this particular feature is that there are some torrents in the wild where it is multi-tracker and is of the same hostname, just different ports. Now, let's take the worst-case scenerio (barring from upload limitations) and place it into perspective. In the course of 1 week you have 50 different downloads from a variety of trackers, some of which are on a tracker with a different port. Now imagine trying to sort through all of them in the folders you had them downloaded to. Can you tell 'em apart? How would you know which is which? You'd have to go to each tracker folder to see if your download is located there, and repeat the process until you find your download.

The most sensible method of organizing your download is to simply isolate a single folder or categorize your downloads into specific types -- movies, TV, softwares, photos, and so forth. If that's inconvenient to you, then you might want to try doing this for a week and see how simple or difficult this method works for you. Otherwise, I won't question as to why you would want everything separated by trackers.

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That's exactly what I do, and that's exactly why I'd use this feature - it's exactly like the default directory feature, but for people who have their downloads in different folders based on their type, and use different trackers accordingly.

It's not about having a folder marked 'bitsoup', and one marked 'torrentleech', which seems to be the confusion - it's about having one marked films and one marked music, and just being able to hit the torrent link in the browser, like people who use 'Put new downloads in:', without having to select the folder every time.

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labels that send files to dirs certainly sounds like a good idea, not sure how easy it would be to actually implement it and make it work correctly though. this feature really isnt needed. when your at the computer u can simply select which folder to download the file to and when your not at the computer the files just goto default dir.

also i said in another post, if somethihng like this were to get implemented then PLEASE PLEASE do not change the UI to have those crappy panels on the left with a bunch of folders in for ur downloads.

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Why not just put every torrents download in the default directory, then when finished you can then move it to a subdirectory underneath (or on another drive/path/whatever) which is specific for your category needs. That way you know that everything in the default is newly downloaded or in the process of downloading, and everything else has at least been viewed and verified.

At least that is how I do mine. :)

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You know, I see a lot of references to this new idea of labels, but we haven't seen how it's going to be implemented. Since it's slated for 1.1.8, can the devs give a basic rundown of what can and can't be accomplished with them? I'd hate to see ideas/requests be thrown to the side because someone has said that labels will take care of that issue when it won't.

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I would vote for this feature. I think it makes A LOT of sense. If I'm at a Classical Music Tracker, it makes sense to have all of the files I get from that tracker, download to a folder that's called "Classical Music". Is it 100% necessary? Probably not. But it makes things easier (at least for me). That's my 2 cents.

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I'm going to add that I've been doing this manually and it really, really helps me organize things. I'll continue to do so manually, but if it could be added as a feature (or if there's an easier, more automatic way to already do it), that would be awesome.

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if "run program when torrent is finished" would be more generic to

run program for any status change and to send label and status as command line parameter this problem of yours could be solved and many many other.

i could write my own proggrie to do whatever i want with torrent after is finished or removed based on params received.

another param could be torrent tracker address/domain . This will help categorize by adress.

I could go to the address with my proggie and parse torrent html page and find out the label = category in tracker page

"run program when torrent status changes" should be made global in preferences.

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I was Googling for an answer to this and stumbled upon this thread. Then I stumbled upon this page that I'm sure would be very helpful. It might not be the exact features y'all want, but it'll do just fine, I think.

And in case that page goes down, here's what it says:

1. Separate complete from incomplete files

Just for the sake of clarity. All my active downloads will go to /downloads/incomplete, once they are finished, uTorrent will automatically move them to the /downloads directory.

Go to options/preferences/downloads to enable it

I agree, this is not the most spectacular tweak, but it’s a good start, and it makes browsing though your downloads directory a bit easier.

2. Label torrents and automatically create separate folders

This is definitely one of my favorite features. uTorrent has the option to label torrents, and it will move the completed downloads to the corresponding directories.

go to options/preferences/advanced/user_interface here you can enter a set of persistent labels for your downloads. I use movies|tv|apps|docs|music, but you can create as many labels as you want.

next, go to options/preferences/downloads and tick the “append the torrent’s label to the directory name” box and you’re ready to go.

You can label torrents by right-clicking the torrent in the main window. You can also use this context menu to add new labels “on the fly”.

Great, now you know how to label your torrents, but there is more. Personally I like to see the labels in the main (download) window, so you’re able to check what and how you tagged your torrents. In order to do this you need to right-click the top bar and tick the label option. If the label is still too far to the right for you to see you need to drag it to the left (see pic)

3. Sub-labels for the real TorrentFreaks

Ok, lets say you have a movies label, but you download a lot of movies so you want subdirectories like movies/action and movies/documentary. No problem. Right-click on a download, go to label/new_label and enter movies\documentary etc.

That’s it!

Do you feel organized already?…. great ain’t it?


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