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Edit: Updated to version 1.2b6

Now you can edit the torrent


projetct page\sf.net page

Download source (v1.2b6)

Download EXE (v1.2b6)

A Little program to load .torrent files and show all the information in them

More Information

The program requires the .NET Framework 2


Download Program

Download source (C#)

Bug Report

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Version 1.3 is now available



* Main view to show the most common information in the torrent file

* Structural view showing the inside structure of the torrent file

* File View showing the files to be downloaded using the torrent file

* Editing the file from the main and structure tabs

* Multi Tracker support

* Tracker statistics - Leechers, Seeders and Finished Downloads

* Launch option to open the torrent file in your favourite bittorrent program

* Launching timer to automatically launch the file

* Update Notifier

Download EXE

Download Source

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Why not using the framework?

an increasing number of programs are using it

Torrent Loader can also edit the torrent

a feature TorrentSpy doesn't have,

And it has a lot more features...

Give it a try

you won't regret it :)

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Lots of applications use Java too, but I don't use it either... :|

I dislike that reliance on the runtime environment, and prefer native applications (one reason I choose µTorrent over Azureus). Considering how this is more a utility than a full-fledged application, it gives me even less reason to install the .NET framework just for it...

Edit: lol Firon beat me to the punch ;D

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Not really...

Purely out of boredom, curiosity, and a mild dislike for .NET, I just coded my own torrent viewing utility out of AutoIt. Lemme tell ya, handling bencoded data is annoying, as it seems to require lots of recursion to parse the bencoded data, and just to use the parsed data in general (at least with the way I have it implemented anyway... *shrug*). I actually wanted to do this in C++, but being a complete C++ n00b (plus the fact that I've never coded a GUI with C++ for Windows), I just shrank away from the challenge. Maybe another time (I have always wanted to try learning WTL)... Anyhow...

[noparse]wdz2dwwjtqhekzmy0ind.png[/noparse] <-- image link died

- The Basic tab isn't fully implemented yet (I'm waiting on implementing the Files tab before getting to the Size field in the Basic tab). You'll also notice that I haven't actually converted the "creation date" field into anything readable. Hashing actually makes use of sha1deep.exe, since AutoIt doesn't have any built-in way of hashing stuff (not unexpected).

- The Files tab hasn't even been touched

- The Trackers tab I haven't really looked at working on the Seeds/Peers columns yet

In all, the Advanced tab is all I've fully completed, and yes, I've drawn inspiration for the Advanced tab from Torrent Loader's Structure tab (works well for what it does anyway :P). There didn't seem to be any BDecoder for AutoIt on AutoIt's forums, so I decided to work on one. In all, I'm actually decently satisfied with how it turned out, since I wasn't expecting much out of AutoIt. Loading torrents and parsing them is pretty quick (again, considering the fact that it's AutoIt). Because my reasons for coding this thing were rather shallow to begin with, I'm not sure when I'll drop this little side-project. Meh :P

I've considered implementing some way to edit the torrent, but it poses a challenge I'm (at the moment) not too keenly interested in. I do have BEncoding implemented already, though (yay for simplicity).

Anyhow, not my loss. Actually, it's my gain, as it helped me find something to entertain myself for the past day or so :o No external frameworks required either, so yay!

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I guess we can both benefit from this,

Thanks for the features suggestion ;)

Try to apply the XP visual style:

Create a file named "%APPNAME%.manifest" and paste this text:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<assembly xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1" manifestVersion="1.0">
type="win32" />
<description>Your application description here</description>
language="*" />

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Mmm... I don't actually need the manifest, as it already works fine under XP themes (I just choose to use Windows Classic for my desktop "theme"). Thanks anyhow :P

Edit: I guess it's done-ish, though the tracker scraping is iffy, and the Advanced tab crashes on torrents with way too many files (because of a bug with AutoIt).


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A BitTorrent client called BitSpirit. There is a stand-alone torrent maker and editor after installing. Copy the program to another folder then uninstall BitSpirit a stand-alone torrent maker and editor can be got.

Is there anyone wants a try? :D

official site: http://www.bitspirit.com.cn/ (in Chinese, maybe there are some English site provide this software as well)

I get the torrent builder out: http://www.live-share.com/files/238825/BStb.cab.html

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Interesting. Did anyone use Torrent Loader and/ or BitSpirit Editor to do the following:

> Decode the Bencode from UTorrent

> Change Disk Drive / Folder / File Paths

> Re encode back to Bencode for UTorrent

> Successful drive / folder mapping changes for NUMEROUS Torrents


ALSO: Ultima - Could I get a copy of that script ? What version of AutoIt should be used?

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Erm, I kinda lost the script somewhere. More accurately, I haven't been able to find it after having reinstalled Windows over the summer.

Torrent Loader and BitSpirit's editor only edit .torrent files, not .dat files like you want. My viewer only views .torrent files as well. Now, I made a generic bencode viewer (not editor) along with the torrent viewer I had up above, but it too got lost. I'll probably find it some time sooner or later, but for the moment, it's (unfortunately) in limbo :| I never got to editing capabilities because I couldn't figure out a way to edit a specific treeview item.

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Very useful application, im looking for the calculation you use to get size from the pieces.

If I open the torrent in torrentloader for example it's showing a diffrent nummber of pieces then if I'm open it in notepad.

So how did you come up with the calculation?

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I'm too trying to decode torrent-files. I can decode the bencode tree but what I haven't figured out yet (and I'm desperately needing some help from you, after searching the net for a week now) how to calculate the torrent hash, more precisely: over which part of the torrent is the hash calculated?

I tried everything, even a "brute-force" thing (hashes over all possible portions of the torrent) but the right hash (as show in µT) didn't come up.

Any help is highly appreciated!

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Hi jewelisheaven,


I did that already: from after the 4:infod to before the e(nd of the info directory)

If that is the case and definitely the portion to use for the torrent-hash then I'm screwed :-)

then something is wrong with my sha1 (or my use of it with QByteArray)

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Sorry I don't know what that is. Are you sure you're feeding the bytes in the right order? Additionally I'm pretty sure libtorrent functions are pretty human readable. If you want to look at that, I'd start there. Libtorrent is the backend for many clients. http://libtorrent.sf.net aka http://www.rasterbar.com/products/libtorrent/index.html

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I had the code from rasterbar downloaded already. Was the next thing to look into...

I just rewrote my code:

The point is that the sha1 delivered the wrong result because the data the qbytearray delivered was wrong. Now I got it right and..

...the portion to use for the hash is after the "4:info" including the "d" and the "e" of that directory.

Thanks jewelisheaven for your effort and for being my muse! :-)

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