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new search engine idea


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I like how utorrent has an new search torrents tool, but the engine that it searches is a little weak (no offence) i would really like for them to consider using http://www.torrentz.com because not only is it the most detailed in the health of a torrent but also hosts all the other torrent sites too. and it just kicks ass so if your listening to this please make my wish a reality

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- Links to external sites must not include trackers or sites linking to possibly illegal content or material which may infringe on the copyright of the respective authors. Examples of unwanted links: torrent search engines, trackers or sites of questionable legal status, etc.. Note that legal torrent sites may be freely linked to.



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Or better yet use the opera method, so you'd be able to search a specific one by using a letter or letters:




pb|The Pirate Bay|http://thepiratebay.org/search.php?q=








Example usage would be like

m bleach

g utorrent

ts manga

Now something like this would make me use the search - which I don't at the moment. :D

Edit: Could also make it so when no letter is used first, it would default to either the first one, or to which ever you place the checkmark next to.

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