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where'd all the files go?


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Just want to say this client sucks! first of all if your connected to 100 seeds and 300 peers amongst 4 differnt torrents and firewall free, a download of 15 to 30 kb/s is very bad. my upload was allways higher.

And also the big thing here is after waiting 2 days just to get halfway through my downloads, they just vanished.

I stopped all downloads 1 at a time, closed the program, restarted my computer, opened µTorrent and saw that 3 of my 4 torrents were gone. I went to the dir where they were being downloaded to to find they are all there, halfway done, then deleted µTorrent from my computer.

See you on the flipside!

edited for readability

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For the record, screaming and insulting things isn't really good manners. You're also being a bit hasty. You shouldn't assume it's the clients fault so readily.

Also, if you're connected to many peers and you get slow speeds with Network OK, and you have no firewall, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the client. Many torrents are SLOW because there's a bunch of leechers and people who cap their uploads as low as possible, use hacked clients and whatnot to cheat.

This is a problem with many torrents on public trackers, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the client you're using.

On that note, it's also possible you screwed up the settings, or simply forgot to cap your upload to 80%. If you don't throttle your upload to 80%, your download will get choked and you'll get horrible speeds.

As for your torrents disappearing, it's rather strange that 3 out of 4 were gone, since if it was the client glitching ALL of them would disappear. Are you sure you didn't accidentally remove them? Even so, you CAN resume all the files without losing anything. The torrents you loaded should be stored in %AppData%\uTorrent (unless you changed the options). Simply put %AppData%\uTorrent into the address bar and you should go directly to the folder. If they are not there, it means that you or someone/something else deleted them from that folder. If they are, simply reload them and point them to where you saved the files previously. µTorrent will then check the files for validity and resume where it left off. If the torrents are gone, re-download them from the tracker you got them from, making sure it is the same exact torrent, and again, point them to where you saved the files previously.

Re-download the client and give it a try again.

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I am also having this issue but knew about the actuall location of the .torrents files...

I was wondering why this would happen? I have customized all paths to my liking yet, the .torrents files in my Raw torrents-oly folder gets renamed to .torrent.loaded and when i close (quit) and re-open uTorrent, they are not loaded anymore...

And, I have to manually add them from the user's root folder (not %AppData%\uTorrent !!) folder...

Any suggestions?


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