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Has the Utorrent exe been infected with a trojan?


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Hi Guys,

I have read previous posts about trojans and Utorrent and thought i would have my say.

I recently had to re-download the utorrent exe file from utorrent.com as i had a major system fault and had to re-install everything. Since then my anti-virus software (McAfee) keeps telling me that there is a trojan in the file. I have not been able to download anything because i can't resolve the problem.

any ideas?


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Write repeatedly and often to them for them to remove such a superfluous and simple test when it throws up positives. (This is notwithstanding the ineffectivity in the age of multi-polymorphic packing as recently employed by the storm botnet) Searching the forum will also show you McAfee is not well-regarded here for causing problems :/

As far as working around the problem from uT's end, unfortunately no. You may be able to configure your scanner to have an exception for utorrent.exe (requiring full path) but since my only experience with it is to remove its bundled services off Dell computers I cannot advise any further.

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