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Availability graph bug


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I and another user has noticed a bug in µTorrents availability graph.

When the availability is 1.0 or more, the whole bar should be fully blue,

but in 1.3(dunno about earlier versions) it never becomes fully blue,

no matter how much availability there is of the torrent.

I think I see a pattern, µTorrent seems to think each new X.0 availability is

a new scale from 1-100%, because I see that closer tp a full new X.0,

the more full the graph is, like X.998 is almost full.

Image of the bug =


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From what i can figure out the darker the blue the greater the availability of the piece. If you connect to one seed only you will see the whole bar turn dark blue. If u connect to one seed and one leecher (lets say with 10% of the torrent) you will see 90% of the bar become a lighter shade of blue and the other 10% being a darker shade of blue. So far i've seen about 4 different shades of blue.

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