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Tracker URL Replacement


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I've be thinking of a feature for a couple of days..

i thought it would be cool if u had the opportunity to replace the tracker url after u create the torrent.

For example u create it for the following tracker http://tracker.domain.com/announce.php . i want utorrent to automatically change that to http://tracker.domain.com/announce.php?passkey=ds8fd888d9ss89d8sd8sfd88sfd8 for example.. i think that should be easy to do - just another field under the trackers field in the create torrent menu.. if it's empty - nothing happens.. it should also remember the last thing u have used just like the Trackers field does..

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@Chaosblade: if dAbReAkA is the one who posted the torrent, she already has a version without the passkey, the one she created for posting. She doesn't want to download the passkeyed version back but would prefer that µTorrent convert it for her.

Truth is, any decent passkeyed site should let a user post the torrent with his/her passkey in it, and then serve all other users a version with their passkeys replacing it. Then dAbReAkA could create it with her passkey already in it and save the step of downloading back, just as she wants.

Yes, the tracker where I'm a moderator allows that. I suggested it to the administrator so that users who had an old expired torrent could reseed it with the already-passkeyed .torrent file that they had saved from when they downloaded it.

@dAbReAkA: if you're not female, well, I had to pick one set of pronouns or the other. Names ending in -a usually are feminine (other than Ira, Ara, and Cleotha, but even then I once knew a female Cleotha, and Dana goes both ways).

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  • 2 weeks later...

not a female..

dAbReAkA comes from ThEbReAkEr (which was my old nickname) ... playing a bit with the letters (Ali G style :P) makes it dAbReAkA (more cool and unique..)

i need to be able to choose the label there too and to replace the tracker with the same tracker + my passkey..

then u just need to upload the torrent and nothing else (no need of downloading the new file with the passkey from the tracker and changing the label manualy) - almost matches with what i said first except for the label

nightshifted i don't want to upload a passkeyed version to the tracker, i want µTorrent to save the nonpasskeyed version to the location i choose and start seeding with the passkeyed version

ludde think about it :P

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nightshifted i don't want to upload a passkeyed version to the tracker

I'm just saying that if the tracker handles it properly, there would be no difference between that and uploaded an unpasskeyed version onto the tracker. Every other user would get it with his/her own passkey and no trace of yours.

Another alternative is to upload the unpasskeyed version but, instead of downloading the passkeyed edition back, just edit your passkey into a copy of the .torrent file that you uploaded.

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i can't expect from every tracker to handle it properly so a vesrion with both passkeys (mine and the other user's) might be in the torrent

i know i can change it as i said before but why not µtorrrent change it automatically(optional) and change the label too (optional)

just 2 more fields in the the create torrent windows.. label (just like the one in the add torrent dialog) and tracker replace (same like the already existing trackers)

and that's how the procedure goes..

1. when u click create µtorrent creates the torrent and asks where to save the file

2. when u save it µtorrent replaces the tracker url with the trackers in the tracker replace field (if empty, it doesn't do anything)

3. change the label to the one chosen before (if empty, nothing happens)

now u have a original torrent which every tracker can handle (the one u upload) and u have the torrent in the list ready for seeding

u just upload the torrent to the tracker and right-click->Update Tracker.. no need of downloading, no need of replacing manualy, no need of setting the label manualy

i hope u get it now

i've been using the alternative that u said, but it loses preciuos time

i hope this will be implemented

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