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Utorrent causing my pc to freeze


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Well ive been using utorrent for a while now, and it constantly keeps freezing when i dl, im dling at speeds of 20kbs because anymore will cause the pc to freeze. It has happend with other torrent dling programs.

I have tried:

reinstalling windows

remove the cpu and dusting it out

lubed the heatsink for maximum heat transfer

checked all my cables

when i clean the pc (physically) with a duster it seems to run a bit smoother and freezes less often, thus allowing me to kick it to tops speeds, but i have no idea what is going on, it keeps freezing on me now, and im not going to keep reinstalling windows/formatting and fiddling with my pc.

i can dl at speeds of 400kbs with mozilla downloads and not freeze up.

its realllly irritating me now when i come back 8 hours later from school to see that my pc has frozen 30 seconds after i left to school.

anyone have any suggestions?

i have mcafee antivirus and my windows firewall is shut off. I dont have any viruses because i have cheked.

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