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Add-url problem


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Yes, and last I checked, it still works.

@mofle: That it outputs an empty dictionary (well, it's no longer empty, since it returns the build number now) doesn't mean it's not working. I just tried the command, and it worked perfectly. A bit of patience would help.

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:( COOL! Works for me http://localhost:12358/gui/?action=add-url&s=http://www.mininova.org/get/1297677

Edit: The GUI log message though is... odd

[18:50:41] HTTP: IP ::1: GET /gui/?action=add-url&s=http://www.mininova.org/get/1297677

the full address I used was admin:1@localhost:12358 so obviously something isn't interpreted right, right?

I guess it has to do with localhost DNS ... and the fact I don't have a real ipv6 address even through teredo, I dunno

Both my LAN IP and localhost show the correct IP

[21:13:47] HTTP: IP GET /gui/?action=add-url&s=http://www.mininova.org/get/1297678

[21:13:45] HTTP: IP GET /gui/?action=add-url&s=http://www.mininova.org/get/1297679

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No, because if the server is slow, and you have to wait for µTorrent to spit an error back (because it's waiting for the server to respond), the webui might think it's timed out instead. There's no reason to time the UI out just because of an external problem.

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Is there a LIMIT for the add-url

I just noticed you can add a cookie also through the WebUI interface (futzing with the multilang) ... but the request is truncated. it works from the GUI.

GET /gui/?action=add-url&s=http%3A//www.demonoid.com/files/download/HTTP/1425221/1854827/:COOKIE:uid=185

whereas the cookie is 134 characters long.

If it's helpful, the urls returned in the logger tab are always 131 characters: the last 101 of which are the URL

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