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uTorrent and BSODs Version Test


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IT CAN'T BE ANYTHING DRIVER RELATED!! Well, I mean it can but its not the drivers that are bad. It's the program that is making the drivers go bad. However I think 9599 is stable... ~10 hours already...

I have run Azureus and it has always worked fine. I have downloaded many items before with uTorrent and haven't updated any drivers, etc. since uTorrent was fully working.

Well it doesn't matter anymore, build 9599 seems to be fully stable, so they must have done something :D

Also, many other people have had and are having the same problem I was. There are posts everywhere about it. So its not just me...

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Well it looks like i've cursed it...

with 9599 running, the computer crashed somewhere between 12-15 hours of stable running....

this time the error message was...


0xC2 0x07 0xCD4 0x02060003 0x84642970

I will be running driver verifier and will report anything after I reboot...

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I was having spontaneous reboots at random times when uTorrent was running. It turned out to be my "Nvidia driver helper service" interacting with a bug in the driver. Only the OS kernel or a kernel level driver can cause your symptoms. The difference between uTorrent versions is whether they exercise the broken part of the driver.

Also, if you have 512MB of RAM or more, turn off kernel paging (see any recent XP tweak program) to simplify analysis (and speed-up your system a few %).

Don't run XP SP3 for testing. It still needs some patches before it is ready for prime time. Wait at least another month. (RTM was April 21, but public release was May 2; wait at least until the second Wednesday of the month after the public release).

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