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just lost!


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If you check in %APPDATA%\uTorrent and you have a >1 KiB resume.dat or resume.dat.old you're in luck.

Searching would bring up these and additional threads



Check them out... read the read.me and thread about the B.F.E. mentioned, check out if you have any recent backups. And finaly ask questios if you're unclear about something :D

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I have a question for anyone that might know...i'm new to this whole torrent thing, and i'm also using limewire to download individual songs when i dont want a full cd. but when i go back to utorrent to download a cd it sends the torrent to limewire. how do i stop that from happening? i know it used to prompt me to associate torrents with utorrent and not with limewire, but i think i updated limewire recently and now it doesnt ask. how do i change that?

thanks for any help you can give. :o)


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