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[tstatus] pixeldepth


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Description: Fun, pixelart-based set featuring non-standard status representation. Somewhat work in progress; I want to think up so alternatives for seeding and the queues. That's a raindrop. The pause icon is a computer key, it might even be the PAUSE key... we may never know. The stacking-cardboard-boxes is closely influenced by NewEgg's combo deals icon. I like them.

Changelog: Version 2.

~ changed nearly all the icons to larger versions (abet only slightly bigger)

Version 1.


Version 2.


Installation instructions are included in the zip.


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Downloading: raindrop

Seeding: satellite dish

inactive, incomplete: cardboard box

pause: pause key

error: orange road caution sign

completed, inactive: gold brick

Tracker errors and queues are just color changes from the above.

I'm probably going to work on these some more to make them clearer. I really enjoyed making these.

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