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what is downloading utorrent at background


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I am old user of utorrent

no torrent is active

u torrent is donwloading something at speed of 6KBps i checked this for an hour and still

I have seen this thing while updating utorrent

but i am sure i am using latest version

see the download speed on those two images



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Currently it running normally

but last time i saw that utorrent has downloaded 18mb of data without any active torrents

how this possible

i am sure that was not this


µTorrent shows BitTorrent protocol overhead when displaying speeds; a relatively low download amount while seeding is normal (peer communication).


I have not changed a single things from day i have utorrent

all option where checked in dht section except last one


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this is happenening to me as well but it is in the 150+kb/sec and it is not picking up other downloads or connections becuase when i exit utorrent all internet activity stops as soon as i restart utorrent it starts back downloading and continues at great speeds download only please give more detaIl as to why thanks

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Just FYI, hiding all traces of anything in the listviews doesn't make it any easier for us to help you. In fact, it's slowing us down and forcing us to ask all of these questions that we would otherwise have known simply by looking at unmangled screenshots. Specifically, by clearing even the icons from listviews, you make us think something isn't there when in fact something is (case in point: RSS feeds). If you would prefer that we not know the contents of what you're downloading, then simply clearing their names without clearing the icons and all other pieces of text (for either the RSS feeds and/or the torrent jobs) would have been fine.

But whatever, RSS feeds are indeed a common cause of this problem.

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