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1.41 b420: Mass disconnects when SuperSeeding enabled


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I am currently using 1.41 b420. When Superseeding is enabled µtorrent mass disconnect peers. A peer connect, gets a packet, gets disconnected. In small torrents (I am the [super]seeder, about 15-30 peers) I never met my uploadspeed (only 2-6 kb/s of nearly 80kb/s). Everything works fine with 1.4 release (expecting that SuperSeeding never completes a torrent when enabled in the release version).

Hope that gets fixed soon. ;)

Best regards,


Edit: Please also Check this -> http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=6340

I've have the same problem. SuperSeeding is extrem slow!

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seems like this one have opposite effect ^^

2006-02-08: Version 1.4.1-beta (build 420)

- Fix: Superseeding works better

Right. Very strange. My "Available" Tab goes nutz. :(


Back to Azureus until SuperSeeding will work. First broken since 1.2.2 (never gets completed) now mass-disconnects. I will betatest if somebody ask me. ;)

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That's perfectly normal, it has to drop every single connection to go into super-seeding mode.

Maybe we have a misunderstanding. I know that all connections are thrown away when I enable SuperSeeding. Thats normal. But it isnt normal when SuperSeeding is already enabled (for about minutes!) that all Leechers get a paket and then get disconnected. This is a bug!

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Build 421

It's not a problem at uTorrent's side. BitComet is a leecher client and reconnects to super-seeds.

Comment: BitComet interferes with SuperSeeding?

It looks like BitComet doesn't play nice. BitComet clients disconnect and reconnect as soon as they have a piece downloaded from the Azureus superseed. Thus, Azureuse never gets a chance to determine whether the client is a big uploader. To make matters worse, for some reason Azureus will upload to the "new" peers before uploading to known big uploaders. It appears to me this has a pretty bad effect on the effectiveness of superseeding.

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