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Incoming Encryption


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I don't know whether it is Azureus or uTorrent side is at fault (or probably not), but somehow I notice that:

With Encryption in uTorrent set to "Enabled".


uTorrent: 1.4.1 Beta build 425

I only notice:

OUTGOING ENCRYPTION with Azureus clients

There aren't any INCOMING ENCRYPTION with Azureus clients.

I am really curious whether its uTorrent's fault on the Accepting part OR Azureus's fault on the Connecting part.

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For the OUTGOING ENCRYPTION, it doesn't have a problem.

I am just curious about the INCOMING ENCRYPTION.

Since I have encryption enabled, any attempt for Encrypted Incoming connection, my uTorrent suppose to enabled encryption for the connection, correct?

I am just saying BY STATISTICS from my part, I DO NOT see any Encrypted Incoming (from the flags) from Azureus clients at all.

Just for example (my uTorrent peers list now),

I have 10 Azureus/2400 clients.



All the 7 have the E flag.

All the 3 have NO E flag.

On ANOTHER torrent, the peer list shows:

8 Azureus/2400 clients.


All 8 do not have the E flag.


By the statistics, I ASSUME there MIGHT be a PROBABLE bug.

Probable bugs are seen from abnormality thus I raise this question in the forum so that users can look out on the statistics and see if this is a common issue.

I have monitor this few torrents for 3-4 days now and this is what I have been seeing on my part.

p/s: This whole topic is regarding uTorrent with Azureus. Not uTorrent with uTorrent.


If this is Azureus's problem, maybe ludde or the admin here can inform Azureus team since you guys know them.

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He did read what you said, he's just wondering how come none of the Az clients that connect to him, connect through an encrypted connection. Are the defaults in Az to have Encryption disabled for outgoing connection, or is there a problem with Az-Ut connection..

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